Angel Number 44 meaning: Even your most ‘incredible’ wishes will become reality

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Angel Number 44 is presented to a person on the threshold of major success when it comes to money, wealth, love, happiness, or even health.

Technically, Angel Number 44 is a number of endless possibilities.

Whatever one is thinking or imagining will come true, hence, dream big.

Angel Number 44 has the potential of two 4s and an 8 (4+4). Therefore, all that one is desiring or dreaming, or had wanted in the past will materialize.

Please remember that the wealth achieved through good karma lasts not just for one generation but for many ahead and this is one of the greatest of blessings.

Hence, be thankful if this number appears.

If this number first appears in the dream state, then know that this number leads to an extreme turn of events in the present life.

All that was considered ‘wishful’ thinking starts taking form and shape in real life.

Hence, after seeing Angel Number 44 a positive mindset with regards to one’s own desires is always good.

Hardly anyone sees this number in the dream state as this number represents supreme luck obtained through grief, heartbreaks, and pain by the person who has always prioritized justice or Dharma over selfishness.

Angel Number 44 may not resonate with everyone because the wealth it brings often requires superhuman control over senses in the material world.

The person who is seeing Angel Number 44 has refused to bow down to the unjust forces and has preferred to walk alone rather than blend in with the adharmik or the unjust at every stage.

Compassion with grounding, judgment without hate, and understanding without caring about the fraternity, has made this person ‘steel’ when it comes to achieving what is considered ‘wishful’ by others.

The mind of this person has sharpened to a point that this person would easily find ‘truth’ under many layers of lies.

This sharpness of the mind will help in attracting wealth.

Now, this wealth may be utilized for personal or societal good or in any which way as the Supreme Soul or the Brahm has full faith in the person.

Purple or golden aura either has become more pronounced or would in the upcoming days.

The only advice that Angel Number 44 has is to keep calm, stay happy, and let the events unfold.

The energy of Angel Number 44 is extremely high hence, we can see the shift in your reality as soon as the number pops-up.

Flop assignments become hit, a cent becomes a dollar, and a millionaire may find himself become a billionaire through even a dead project.

How much one will gain? It depends on the positive karma currency one holds, and the grounding and Chakra alignment one has achieved.

Therefore, staying on the path of Dharma is important.

Do yoga, chant the Gayatri mantra, jog, walk, or shower compassion on dogs, cats, crows, or bulls.

Gayatri Mantra goes like this:

Om Bhur Bhuvaḥ Swaḥ
Tat-savitur Vareñyaṃ
Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi
Dhiyo Yonaḥ Prachodayāt

If you are doubtful of the meaning, then here it is.

But keep feeding the mind and soul good karma and empower them to pull the miracles you desire!

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By Namta Gupta