Angel Number 77 meaning: Your soul is sacred and blessed!

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Angel Number 77 is the mark of a sacred soul who has the ‘power’ over others due to the blessings of the Supreme Soul.

This soul nourishes and nurtures a society with spirituality and love. This soul’s acts are dominated not by self-interest but by nobility, love, and innocence.

The person seeing Angel Number 77 may live among us, yet is far from the malice which plagues our society, very much like a lotus that flourishes in a muddy pond.

The person who regularly sees Angle Number 77 often has an open Sahasrara (Crown) and a steady Anahata (Heart) Chakra which allows him/her to truly feel love, compassion, and empathy for others without exceptions and expectations of any kind.

Angel Number 77 also appears to tell the person to embrace this pure love even though everyone else around may think it is for the ‘losers’.

Angel Number 77 tells the person to embrace happiness in serving those who cannot afford to give anything in return except perhaps blessings and gratitude.

The kind of society we live in today celebrates and respects the ‘woke’ and the ‘in-vogue’, however at the ground, these two end up contributing zilch for the betterment and real progress.

Now the souls who see Angel Number 77 are polar opposite to these ‘wokies’ and actually work innocently to bring a revolution because they are led by both the Anahata, and the motivations and energy of the Sahasrara.

This blesses them with the most-balanced and nuanced perspective and they are, thus, the problem-solvers of the superior kind.

Angel Number 77 brings about changes in spiritual powers; an amateur clairvoyant or a tarot reader would become more precise, a numerologist would become more accurate and a healer would find his/her healing requests made on behalf of the vulnerable work better and swifter than ever before.

Angel Number 77 is thus a step up and brings only positive spiritual changes. A walk in the garden, hiking, rafting, and gardening, or any activity which takes one closer to nature is advised.

Angel Number 77 is a huge blessing but it rarely appeals to everyone.

If this blessing is not what you seek, then one can simply say ‘no’. Only one person may have seen Angel Number 77 in the dream, and the message is just for his/her soul.

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By Namta Gupta