Help! I am seeing too many Angel Numbers! What should I do?

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I received this query on Angel Numbers and I believe that this is something that many people would have.

Please stay with me and process everything slowly.

What are we? How do we think in the 21st century?

Many of us think singularly and even act singularly with regard to life. We are inflexible, narrow-minded, and unyielding, confining even the Supreme Soul, who has several powers and purposes and who took several hundred avatars, in our own shallow definition of One God, One Book, One Truth, or One Way of Life.

Now, this ‘confinement’ of the Source energy is the biggest bane when it comes to our spiritual growth or expansion.

But ‘Help’ is here

To release our souls from this confinement, Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta, Puranas, Upanishads, tales of Vikram and Betaal, Panchatantra, Jain stories, stories of King Vikramaditya, and other equally thought-provoking works of the great Gurus and the Munis are here. This also opens and energizes our intuition, a prime ingredient needed for expansion. An open mind free from shackles is the first step towards spiritual growth.

Yoga, in particular, Surya Namaskar when done with mantras, massively aids in this expansion process.

Hinduism gave the liberty to think ‘freely’ and expand in any which way which is one of the greatest gifts a human soul could be granted especially when it desires to further the expansion.

But why Angel Numbers? 

It is this expansion that makes us see special numbers or sequences which we today know as Angel Numbers. We obviously see other signs as well but here we are discussing only the Angel Numbers and hence, we will stick to the topic.

Some of us may see lucid dreams and start receiving messages during sleep as the Sahasrara or the Crown Chakra expands enough to allow us to extract important information with regards to our own spiritual growth.

The whole world uses ‘numbers’ to communicate and so does the Supreme Soul. Human society’s familiarity with the numbers makes the latter’s use by Supreme Soul to deliver us specific messages.

Angel Numbers like 66, 13, 777, 000 may start popping up during spiritual changes pertaining to the Anahata (Heart) and the Ajna (Third Eye) Chakra.

But why too many Angel Numbers?

Now, let us say that a person is consciously or unconsciously seeking changes in the monetary situation, health, love life, spiritual powers, or is seeking help in everyday life, all at the same time.

Now, what do you think will happen?

The Angel Numbers of different combinations would come and go to tell the person where his/her ‘specific’ manifestation stands at this point in time.

And, since each of us has unique desires hence, we may be seeing a motley of numbers, especially when we are using Law Of Attraction.

So instead of doubting the message, the biggest thing one can do is go inwards; meditate after cleaning the aura, and ask what are we manifesting consciously and subconsciously. How to check your aura is here!

Align both soul and mind on specific gifts and try not to subconsciously crave for things that are petty in nature and can be achieved with a little effort on your own part. Conserve your manifestation energy for primary goals and it would stop too many Angel Numbers to pop at random moments.

If you still have a doubt, then do write to me in the comment section!

Is the Law of Attraction not yet working for you?

By Namta Gupta