Angel Number 13: Be compassionate to yourself as well!

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Angel Number 13 is the sign that is sent to a person who is ready to embark on a new journey of love, health, care, and prosperity.

It is sent as the green signal to the forces of nature to assist the person seeing this Angel Number.

If seen in dreams, it almost immediately sets things in motion especially if the person has seen Angel Number 555 and Angel Number 111 earlier.

Angel Number 13 is the mark of completion of all processes at the minutest level possible ‘inside’ a person.

In short, all Chakras are now in balance to attract maximum abundance from the Supreme Soul and manifestations become a reality.

Angel Number 13 is also a mark of love and compassion; the sign tells the person to stay as compassionate for himself/herself as he/she does for others. Often while empathizing and helping others, we drain ourselves so much that none is left for our own self. Angel Number 13 tells you to be understanding for yourself as well.

Angel Number 13 will pave way for Angel Number 888 but for this to materialize it may need another week. So hold on tight as messages from a lover or a loved one, stuck paycheques get passed, or the loan you desired but were rejected for suddenly gets approved.

A piece of advice for those seeing Angel Number 13 is to keep patient and enjoy every bit of life because the lemons are being squished for a wholesome lemonade for you!

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By Namta Gupta