Angel Number 81: Unforgiving negative energy breaches your space, but help is there

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Angel Number 81 has a unique message as it is sent to warn a person of negative influences around her/him.

Angel Number 81 informs the person that an unyielding and unforgiving negative energy is soon going to make the person feel abandoned and alone, yet he/she must know that hope, peace, and love are his/her birthright, and that his/her Devtas or Angels are working tirelessly towards this goal.

This upheaval happens or is happening not because of the person’s mistakes but due to negative people or forces around her.

Angel Number 81 has the message of patience, calm, and to not allow this upheaval to mess-up the energy of the person as this may lead to severe stress and heartbreak.

Angel Number 81 would like to tell the person, that his/her best interest is what the Supreme Soul wants but the person needs to be like a lotus in a pond; the mud cannot sully the beauty of this beautiful flower, similarly, negativity should not be allowed to affect the person’s inner peace.

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Please do clean your aura during and after the negative influence passes. The steps to clean the aura are here.

Hence, Angel Number 81 has a warning but with a steady and extended hand of help from the Supreme Soul.

Let the Supreme Power take you on a journey of love, hope, and peace because you totally deserve it.

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By Namta Gupta