Is the Law of Attraction not yet working for you?

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Law of Attraction is nothing but prayers of abundance which we desire in our waking life. But these prayers are not from the place of need or wants but from the point of sufficiency.

In short, in a way telling the Universe that the ‘spiritual’ person that you are, you accept them and respect the bounties or abundance you already ‘have’ and that you are open to receive more.

Prayers are very similar to Law of Attraction except that we often pray without paying gratitude for what we already have. Otherwise, prayers and the Law of Attraction are very similar. I would say that the Law of Attraction is just a label for old ‘prayer.’ Due to religious indoctrination, a part of the world went bloodthirsty, and hence, ‘God’ and ‘prayers’ became untouchables for any modern person.

The definition of God absolving sins, like murder or rapes or colonization and dehumanization of people of other religions or creeds or color, made people think that the God is someone who only cares for those who worship Him.

God in our daily lives seemed no less than Hitler who may claim to preach peace and kindness, but in reality, would approve of sexual slavery, rapes, and murders of civilizations that do not worship Him. God in modern religion became hungry for ‘souls’ and if he could not have them, then he would seek revenge and blood of those who reject him. And the pawns or minions of the ‘God’, yes, the ones who deliver the blood became pious, without doing a single morally-upright work.

This God became a ‘He’ because these so-called religions even denied the supreme being of the sacred feminine energy; Women are weak isn’t? Said our book, so this God has to be all male.

Naturally, anyone, with a balanced mind will find all of this morally degrading and deeply disturbing, and hence, God and prayers suddenly became the signs of those prone to anger, prone to ridicule others, and prone to even killing.

But is this really how the God or the Supreme Soul should be seen?

The one thing that Hindu culture taught me was that God is the brother, the mother, the Guru, the father, the friend, the everything, and the GOD.

We were taught to strike a friendship with the Supreme Soul with Temple visits.  Temples are energy centers where we are supposed to keep our worries outside and use our energy to connect with the Godly energy; so you feel feminine energy works for you? No problem, connect with Goddess Durga! Feel you need creative energy; worship Lord Brahma or Goddess Saraswati! Feel you lack vigor; no problem worship God Hanuman. In short, connect with the Supreme Soul in any form or shape or even with no shape. But we do shape our God as per our liking and it helps in better concentration in the beginning.

But isn’t it sacrilege?

God should be viewed as the Supreme Soul who has provided some of his own energy in every living creature. God or the Supreme Soul is likely to feel more offended when sexual slavery and pedophilia is rampant, and religious terrorism is in vogue. Look within and you would find that what I say is true.

Law of Attraction and Manifestation

And we can make use of this ‘provided’ energy, which exists in our own selves, in our chakras, to pull more abundance in our lives. So why is the Law of Attraction not yielding the results despite all signs, all synchronicities, and efforts?

Well, there are three reasons for that:

  • A person’s energy is unaligned and low
  • His spirituality and the reason for requests don’t serve his/her soul growth or life purpose.
  • Before taking birth the soul of the person may have specifically asked for, say, love, or family life but now, the mind desires only money. It is the soul, the forever alive energy, which would win against the organic matter i.e. the mind and hence, delays in manifestation.

But let’s say that none of the above reasons is the case, and everything else is fine, then it is the lack of good karma currency that is stopping your manifestations. Clean eating, cruelty-free life, yoga to align energy centers is suggested in such a case. Our karma is the power that can make or break our future so investing in this is exceptionally good for everyone. Law of Attraction indeed works wonders but it is not magic or trick nor is it science where permutations and combinations aid a person in getting desired results.  Law of Attraction is simply give and take. And to grant you something, you have to prove you can handle it. For example, a person may desire a siddhi or power to communicate or understand animals, but is also an abuser of sentient life forms. This wish may endanger the lives of sentient beings and may never be granted knowing the real intentions of the person.

But if the person desires the 3D gifts like the money or fame or love, that concerns his own growth, then it would most certainly come to fruition provided, how much good karma currency you hold for yourself. Good karma energizes the soul, leading to healthy chakras, and the energies of the chakra, end up pulling us our wishes.

But all this takes time because the mind also needs to trust, the soul needs cleansing, and Chakras need to purge what needs to be purged and 3D needs to match and pull the energy from the 5D.

This all takes time.

A hurried process could lead to physical manifestations of diseases since the body needs to be purged of negative energy first. But any temporary delay would lead to the grant of spiritual gifts, help, and companionship. Some may discover that they have found their ‘voice’ and have suddenly become more energetic or vibrant in their life, some may find physical agility or their diseases vanishing.  Hence, staying patient yields good results.

Now, again we go back to our main point, why is the Law of Attraction not working when everything is aligned? Let’s consider these three questions:

  • Do you need them granted on a whim or do you need them granted for soul growth and life purpose?
  • Do you honestly believe that you are ready physically and emotionally to receive the gifts and have done everything to claim them?
  • Are you at your kindest self? Are you steady in spirit and mind? Are you healthier and intuition already sharper during this process?

If any of the answers above are either ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ even to a little degree then it means that your soul wants you to know that a tweak in alignment is still needed. Please do proper Surya Namaskar along with the Mantras to help your Chakras align with the energy of the Supreme Soul to overcome this little hindrance. Surya Namaskar done with the mantras is one of the best ‘physical prayers’ that we have around. To earn in 3D put prayers in 3D as well. Law of Attraction needs clean energy of an individual, the better we harness our own energy, the steadier we pull towards us what we deserve and desire.

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By Namta Gupta