Angel Number 66: Success in love, partnerships, and money is coming!

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Angel number 66 is the sign of impending success in love, partnerships, and relationships, but in many cases, it could mean success in money, property and wealth, since, it has the energy of number 6 twice. Number 6 stands for beauty, abundance, and fulfillment of deepest desires, hence, it is a sign of dreams coming true in a general sense and also of wishes being granted.

Now, what wishes will be granted depends on individual needs but since this is a fast energy, hence, the wishes will be granted in a week or two most likely if this number is shown to a person in dreams around 7 am. If this has happened to you, then please remember that it is a surety from the Universe that your wish has been approved.

But let me also add that this is an extremely rare phenomenon since it is as good as saying yes or wish granted. Only one or two people may have been shown this number in a dream so far, since most end up not understanding it.

Bear in mind that Angel Number 66 is the soul’s biggest wishes coming true and yet it must continue to strive and fight on. Angel Number 66 seeing people must understand that this is not the time to sit back or relax but fight their hardest, hence, while the Angel Number 66 is a great sign, yet this should not stop a person from doing his/her karma.

By Namta Gupta

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