Saudi Arabia Welcomes Ceasefire Announcement in Libya

Ceasefire Announcement in Libya, Saudi Arabia, UAE Israel peace deal, Pakistan, Turkey, Palestine, Middle East

New Delhi, Aug 22, 2020: Saudi Press Agency has reported that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia has stated that the government of the ‘Kingdom of Saudi Arabia welcomes the ceasefire announcement in Libya as announced by the Presidential Council and the House of Representatives.’

The foreign ministry also said that the need for the start of an internal political dialogue that places the Libyan national interest above all considerations and establishes a permanent solution that guarantees security and stability for the Libyan people, and prevents external interference that exposes Arab regional security to risks.

Meanwhile, t is raining peace in the Middle East after UAE and Israel reached a historic peace deal recently that is every bit the game changer but it has angered Turkey, Palestine, and Pakistan who say peace with Israel is against the interest of the Palestinians.

It has to be seen how fruitful ceasefire announcement in Libya would be in the upcoming days.

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