Yellow snake dream meaning: Are you ready for the NEXT BIG THING IN LIFE?

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Yellow snake dream often comes when the Supreme Soul has something important to tell or warn a person about.  Yellow snakes are an exceptional sign from the Supreme Soul that something is going amiss in the waking life of the dreamer and an effort has to be made to correct it.

The appearance of a yellow snake may also mean that a person has lost his will power or his drive to live the life his/her soul always desired. In a way, a yellow snake dream is a sign that the Supreme Soul places in our sleep to tell us to gently tell us to buckle up.

Killing a yellow snake in the dream state is, therefore, akin to murdering one’s dreams and aspirations.

Are you the one who saw a yellow snake dream? Then this is for you.

A yellow snake trying to make eye contact or trying to chase you or make you run is a sign to tell you that you have lost the zest for life in the milieu and everyday life. However, a divine push is available but the person will have to ask for it. Yellow snake dream is the sign that many worshippers of Goddess Durga may also see as their energy levels increase manifold. These worshippers may see a yellow snake in a royal posture looking at the dreamer in a stoic and thoughtful manner.

Yellow snake is sent to people who the Supreme Soul knows were destined to achieve great things but somewhere down the line, they forgot and settled down for the mundane.  Yellow snake dream is thus an exemplary sign and may correspond to Angel Number energy of 555, 888, and also 444. If he/she decides to change his routine, then the individual may start seeing Angel Number 456 as well.

Yellow snake dream is not a bad sign until and unless the dreamer is not seeing himself/herself either hurt or dead.

Please also note that it is incredibly rare to see oneself get hurt or in any way in a negative position with a yellow snake in a dream. This is because the appearance of a yellow snake in a dream is merely to nudge a person into action and enable him to live his destiny.

But still, if a person finds himself angry, hurt, or trapped in a dream with a yellow snake, then he must ask for divine intervention as it clearly shows that at a subconscious level the person is still clueless about his life path ahead.

At last, I would like to reiterate that yellow snakes are a great sign for those who are ready or are being prepared for the NEXT BIG THING IN LIFE. It is an excellent and completely beatific sign and must not be taken in a negative way.

If you saw yourself trapped or hurt and are seeking divine intervention then I recommend Mother Goddess Durga worship on each Monday for 3 weeks to help clear doubts with regards to life path. If unable to recite Durga Chalisa fully, then simply chant ‘Om Durge Namah’ for 11 times. You can offer flowers, incense, vegetarian food, fruits, dry fruits, or even simply water. Hindus often begin their day by chanting her name so as to galvanize their life force for their day ahead. You can dedicate your yoga or workout sessions or your art and craft goodies as well to the Supreme Female power i.e. Mother Goddess Durga as a sign of your worship. Tending to cows, bulls, and lambs, and sheep and other sentient beings make a person dearer to her as well.

By Namta Gupta

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