Crow dream meaning: Sign of success as well as caution!

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Seeing a crow dream is something that select individuals experience at one point or the other.

A crow dream is a great sign of oneness one feels with those of the intellectual fraternity when one sees a group of crows chattering. But if the crows are attacking a person or trying to encircle a person then it means illnesses and diseases would soon attack the person as he/she has been negligent or has been consuming cruelty-laced goods.

A group of crows trying to communicate to a person telling him/her something is the sign of old wisdom, past life experiences, and love of ancestors heading the person’s way.

A person talking to crow or crows means that at the soul level a connection with the older spirits (spirit guides or our ancestors) has been established.

A crow looking menacing while the dreamer looking worried is the sign of bad news and omens while a happy crow sitting on the shoulder of a person means personal glory and fame for the person. In this crow dream, if at any point the bird swoops down either to kill or ravage for food, then it is a message for the dreamer to take care of his finances and belongings. The dreamer must take active care of the Muladhara chakra/root chakra and the Swadhisthana chakra/sacral chakra. Wearing red and saffron is advised as is applying tilak of these two colors on your forehead.

If the eggs of the crows are seen in the dream, then it means blossoming abundance and happiness. While a perching crow being approached by the dreamer from behind is the sign that danger is soon coming that you may not be able to see. The person must take care and be prepared.

A crow dream is sent to select individuals only often when an awakening is going on and the dormant powers or the siddhis are surfacing. But it also means that a person needs to put in the work and nourish his/her soul well. Offering food to cows, cats, dogs or birds, etc. is advised. The dreamer in his waking life can also begin chanting Om Gan Ganpatye Namah. This is the mantra of obstacle remover energy also known to the Hindus as Lord Ganesha.

Crow dream heralds major changes whenever they appear in dreams and depending on our own karma we end up reaping whatever we sowed. For this reason, crows are considered attached to the energy of justice, which in Hinduism is known as Lord Shani.

It is therefore important to be kind and mindful towards other sentient beings especially after seeing a crow dream. Crows are magnificent and intelligent birds who form their own groups and also love to strike a conversation with their mates.

If a crow follows a person on foot, then it is the sign that the destiny or the karma of that person will soon reap results.

It is likely that a dreamer seeing crows chattering would earn some sort of positive fame in his lifetime.

The dreamer must read about the red snake dream and Angel Number 333 since the energies of these two may also overlap with the crow dream.

Killing a crow in a dream is suicidal as it clearly implies that the dreamer does not know how to overcome hurdles in waking life. While seeing the eggs or hatching means major success blossoming. But if the eggs are broken or broken by the dreamer then it means that despite the efforts, the person has failed to be consistent or patient. Always note down the emotions you felt in the crow dream for a better understanding of the dream.

Namta Gupta