Have you been experiencing Ghost Water Drops or Phantom Water Drops ?

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What are Ghost Water Drops or Phantom Water Drops? Or Phantom Raindrops?

This is a rare phenomenon experienced mostly by honest and spiritual people. They may be lightworkers or be in spiritual healing or maybe just good souls working and living honestly. Ghost drops or phantom water drops or phantom rain drops technically means a sensation of water drops falling on the skin, at any part of the body, without any external source or stimuli.

Is it something to be worried about?

Yes, and No.

It basically means that power is near us that we cannot see.  It is a unique sensation that godly energy can give without an external stimulant. Spirit Guides and Angels may also give this same sensation to their ‘person’ but in their case, it can only happen when they are either too happy or too proud for the person they are nurturing or guiding.

In this happiness, their energy cools down and this sensation takes place on their person.

But when a visible drop is on the body then it is a sign of a lower level spirit that may or may not be benign as it wants to be ‘noticed.’

Calling on the Supreme Soul is suggested through prayers as no spirit is allowed to reveal its presence.

Are you the person facing the Ghost water drops or Phantom water drops?

Silver snake dream: Take care of your roots, a breakthrough is coming!

If the signs become too frequent and puddles of water are found in unlikely places, then do sage the place. If this does not work, then relocation is advised and in the meantime let your spirit guides or the local Pandits take care of the issue. These spirits who send these signs are often only attached to the place and not to the person residing hence, house cleansing is always beneficial. Also, their powers are confined to the place so there is little to worry about it following you.

Now, comes the big question, how to check the force behind the Ghost drops?

By Namta Gupta