Eagle dream meaning: You will soar soon!

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Did you see an Eagle dream? Wondering what it means? Eagle dreams are essentially excellent as they speak of a person’s personal power and also high he/she could soar in his/her waking life. To see an eagle simply staring at a person means that the person needs to concentrate harder on his life and on the cycles he is going through.

In an eagle dream if you see the bird of prey flying on your head or on an unknown person then this means divine protection of powerful entities is always near to the dreamer or the ones the dreamer holds dear.

If in an eagle dream, the bird is seen eating or nibbling on food, then is the sign that the soul of the person needs meditation since the latter is the food for the soul. If an eagle flaps its wings in your dream and calls out to you then it means that you must go back to your ancestral roots, wisdom, and nature.

If you happen to see an eagle hunt in a dream and is successful, then, remember to thank the Supreme Soul since very soon major blessings will fall in your lap.

Eagle is a bird of prey, and as ordained by nature, it kills for food, but it also adapts well when prey is not around. It never kills for fun or to initiate a reign of terror on other sentient beings. It is also a loyal and caring parent and therefore, seeing an eagle in the dream is a sign to never use force indiscriminately and to not seek pleasure in killing. The person seeing an eagle dream must learn the fine art of balancing and to remain calm in excruciatingly painful or complex circumstances. Killing an eagle in the dream is tantamount to suicide as it means the dreamer lacks personal courage and intelligence to tackle a challenge.  While eagle eggs hatching means major success blossoming. A guarding eagle sitting on eggs means your Devas or Guides or Angels are taking good care of your blossoming abundance while broken eggs with yolk seeping out of the shell mean that the project you are doing would give zero results or output.

Eagle dream is a good one to see since very rarely would it mean personal harm but it does mean the message from your soul and the Supreme Soul and thus must be taken seriously.

Also, would like to reiterate that the dreamer must take note of the dream and must be specific of the emotions he/she felt. It always helps in dream interpretation.

Please note that this would ring true for hawk dreams as well. But if you have a specific dream, then do comment and I would try my best to answer you.

By Namta Gupta