Why do people lose weight during spiritual awakening?

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Often, those on the path of spiritual awakening start looking ‘different’. Many end up losing weight but since the focus is on our journey, we ourselves rarely notice how different our faces or even bodies have become.

But then we do not really know, why we lose weight when we do.

Most weight loss happens during the second stage when one chakra is working at the same frequency as the other. Once the chakra balance has been achieved, the body would relax a little and start desiring lesser food and seek more water.

Why is that?

Because the body would like to only keep the energy that it needs for spiritual awakening at this stage.

It would start disliking food when taken in excess, as the energy may stay inside thus overburdening the soul which may feel stifled as it would have to work hard to release static or stale energy.

Our bodies are vessels for our soul, it too needs relaxed space for ascension.

At this stage, a person may like to drink cow milk, soy, nuts, or more vegetables and fruits, instead of oily or greasy food.

The second stage of spiritual awakening brings it with a steady mind more attuned to taking commands from the soul and since both would work together, hence, both would find pleasure in simple and cool foods.

So bye-bye to greasy pizzas and burgers! You won’t be missed!

Now, since the diet undergoes a change, weight loss naturally follows.

Walking is advised to maintain the chakras or you may ask your Guru or your assisting Devta/ Guide for further directions on the exercise your soul needs if it has not yet been made clear to you.

In the second stage of spiritual awakening, dreams would become vivid; one may even see flashes of lightning in dreams after a while. Following the lightning, one may start hearing messages from the Supreme Power.

If at this stage of spiritual awakening, one is in pain, or is worried about financial security, or seeking blessing in love or marriage, then remember that all of this being heard by the Supreme Soul as a direct connection between the mortal and the immortal Source has been firmly laid.

Chanting this ancient Hindu prayer is important for those at this stage of Spiritual Awakening:

त्वमेव माता च पिता त्वमेव ।

Twamev mata cha Pita Twamev

You are my Mother And You are my Father

त्वमेव बन्धुश्च सखा त्वमेव ।

Twamev bandhushacha Sakha twamev

You are my Relative And You are my Friend.

त्वमेव विद्या द्रविणम् त्वमेव ।

Twamev vidya dravinnam Twamev

You are my Knowledge and You are my Wealth.

त्वमेव सर्वम् मम देव देव ॥

Twamev Sarvam mum dev dev

You are my Everything, You are my God of Gods.

You can listen to it here:

And TRUST the process.

During the second stage of spiritual awakening, the ‘buzzing’ sound in your head which you may have earlier diagnosed as ‘tinnitus’ goes away in a matter of 10-16 weeks.

Weight loss happens, and some hair fall may begin.

A few who are overeating despite entering the second stage of spiritual awakening would find that they are suffering from acute dysentery, while some may feel nausea.

But all these are mere signs of the stagnant energy leaving the body.

There are some blessings as well; youthful appearance and attitude towards life and nature, adult acne gets cleared leaving a more even tone skin. While old or weaker hair falls, new and healthier hair replaces it. The gut and other organs work at a healthy pace and you feel cool and relaxed even in turmoil much like that lotus that blooms in mud.

Note: Not everyone undergoes a spiritual awakening, hence, before drawing a conclusion with regards to your symptoms always seek a doctor and undergo a thorough examination. That ways you are not riding in two boats and your body and mind will also thank you!

The second stage of spiritual awakening, I would say, technically ‘recreates’ a ‘new person’ from the old bones and blood or what I would call the structure.

Spiritual awakening episodes to look out for in Harry Potter!

A new ‘life’ and a new ‘you’ has been breathed in the old you hence, be ready to receive compliments when people say you are glowing or you look younger or your perspective is healthier than before.

By Namta Gupta