Why do some people see numbers in dreams?

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Are you seeing numbers in dreams? Wondering what they mean?

Words or sentences are not the only things that people can sometimes see in dreams, there are also people who see numbers in dreams. 000, 1111, 2, 67, 13, and many other numbers may make an appearance in dreams. But why do only some people see them and not all?

The reason behind this is that some people already have an established soul-level connection prior to their current life cycle and the Supreme Soul knows that the soul would wake up with this little nudge of numbers appearing in dreams.

The numbers in dreams are often sent to individuals who have little tolerance for wild goose chase and expect a direct connection.

They are the cynics and want a more in-your-face wake-up call, hence, prefer numbers in dreams as it would seem more personalized and hence, more believable.

It is like Supreme Soul telling the soul that it is all real and not just your mind playing tricks, so wake up and start taking steps towards your life path!

This is very much like proof of the Supreme Soul’s love for the person as well.

Many people who see numbers in dreams are already ‘mature’ or ‘senior’ channelers who are used to noting astral phenomenon or important messages from the Supreme Soul. Or they could be the Rishis or the Siddhas who already know what these numbers or sequences mean or have the capacity or have had the capacity in a previous birth, to quickly understand them.

But then, does it mean that the new souls won’t get numbers in dreams?

It will take time, but the new souls would also get numbers in dreams provided they learn how to interpret them or have some Siddha or an expert in this stream who could decipher it for them. The numbers in dreams are no less different than the Angel Number message.

There are also people who start getting afraid after seeing numbers in dreams. There is absolutely nothing to fear.

Curious, Yes. Fear, No.

These things happen to marked souls with clean Karma or those whom the Supreme Soul sees as the one who is ‘One with Her/Him.’

Also, when the Supreme Soul communicates, then it only has the best interest of the soul in mind.

Numbers also appear in our dreams often announcing to us about blessings or gifts from Supreme Soul.

Here are what each number mean in a dream and if you are seeing other numbers then please search this site as I have detailed what each of them means:

Number 1: means victory, abundance, magnificence, or every last of heart desires coming true. 11, 111, 1111, and 111111 are however different as they also need to be added up. Please click on each to arrive at the message.

Number 2: means balance, unions, partnerships, and love. It is a sign of understanding that we are not just made up of organic matter. But that our spiritual self or the soul is part of our core which never dies at any time. 222, and 2222 are common numbers that appear in dreams.

Number 3: means the blessings that pour on a person from the Devas, the Yakshas, and also the departed loved one. Technically, it is the sign of blessings that pour on a person at a given stage in his/her life. 333, 3333 are common numbers that appear in a dream.

Number 4: means impending material wealth or prosperity or of using wealth spiritually. It is the ultimate sign of manifestations coming to the person. 444 is a common number which one sees in dreams.

Number 5: hints at changes, earth-shattering but extremely beneficial ones which are coming towards a person to grant him/her a clean slate again. Be prepared for fresh starts, new beginnings or projects, or new love. Check 555 and 550.

Number 6: are you beautiful? Do you find yourself gorgeous? Chances are you don’t and this sign is Supreme Soul’s way of telling you that you are and that you deserve love and live life as happy as any other. This is a number of beauty, grace, love, romance, marriage, and every emotion that makes a person feel content, fulfilled, and blessed! Check 666.

Number 7:  is a spiritual sign sent to very evolved old souls that may have spent many life cycles attaining many vidyas/knowledge/ wisdom and Shaktis/powers and this sign means that all of the past knowledge would be delivered to the person one by one after energy shifts needed are done inside the person’s body.

7 is no ordinary or an easy number to see in dreams. Tinnitus, Blood Pressure, palpitations will come as well as internal earthquakes as the body is prepared by Devas or Angels to absorb powers. So hold on tight for the rollercoaster ride. These illnesses like symptoms would go away after the fine-tuning by the Devas is over. But it may take a year or so before it goes away. Check 777.

Number 8: is the sign of manifestations realizing. House? Car? Or any other material possessions are achieved by the person with the back of spiritual masters around. Success becomes attached to the person and whatever he/she touches becomes gold. Check number 888.

Number 9: is the sign of changes, affairs, newfound admiration for love, life, partners, and also this is a sign of success in the material world.  9 is unique as it heralds changes but it may not be just for either material or spiritual things, but a mix of both. Check 999999 and 999.

Number 10: is the sign of completion of cycles of past and a sign of new beginnings. Rarely would anyone see Number 10 in dreams without putting in efforts into work or project that he/she may have started some time ago.

Also, it is the sign of spiritual guidance and help, which the person sought and what he/she would now have access to. Check 101010.

Number 0: is the sign of infinity, possibilities, and abundance because the 0 has no beginning or an end. It is also a sign of life coming a full circle and also letting the person know that the divine help is around. A single 0 may also represent the spirit guide who is around to help a person. Please read 000 and 0000.

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By Namta Gupta