Angel Number 222: What it means and why it appears?

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Angel Number 222?

Ah! The sign that appears to easy-breezy people whose soul’s goal is to live in harmony, live in balance, and live life in such a way that it causes harm to no one, not even an ant. This is a sign of union, oneness with beings around a person.  It is also a triumvirate of God/Supreme Soul, Mother Nature, and Karma. A person who stays on the positive side of these three will see Angel Number 222 and he/she must acknowledge it as it is a sign of appreciation. People seeing 222 are essentially amazing people who like to see the beauty in everything.

They like not to judge, not to ridicule and never to hurt and the Dev doots (Messenger of Supreme Soul)/Angels surrounding them see their struggle as they try to cope up with a harsh world filled with people who see all this as part and parcel of life. People seeing Angel Number 222 must visit Temples and offer water to Lord Shiva and other Gods. This will help them cope up with negative people they see. Offer the water while asking the Gods to draw away the negativity from the soul so that one can feel whole again.

Incense, chanting, and Yajnas are exceeding powerful tools to aid in this process. But most importantly people seeing Angel Number 222 must understand that help is at hand. A simple thing they can do is sleep with a prayer to rid of all that is unbalanced and unholy in their lives. Gradually, this will empower the guides and the Gods to take away the negativity. Chakra meditation in a Guru’s guidance is prescribed but if in case one fails to find a Guru then tie a thread to a nearby tree and ask the Gods around that tree to help you with the cleansing and purging. Helps is ALWAYS available for people who see Angel Number 222. All they need to do is ask.

By Namta Gupta

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