Angel Number 999999: You are special, surrounded by Angels!

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Did you see Angel Number 999999? It is a sign of Supreme Consciousness herself. This is also the sign of Devas/Guides surrounding a person and asking him/her to communicate with the Supreme Soul with an open heart. Anahata or Heart Chakra meditation (chant ‘Yam’, pronounced ‘yum’, every day whenever free) is a must for people seeing this Angel number since the appearance of this sign may end up overwhelming a person as he may stop seeing materially and start seeing everything in terms of spirituality and soul.

Such a person may start experiencing serious awakening with some of his senses being heightened. Angel Number 999999 will also find solace in oneness with beings around him/her and may adopt a love-all attitude that has nothing to do with either being ‘woke’ or in ‘vogue.’

These people will have calming saffron aura and may develop a desire for learning philosophies like Hinduism or Jainism etc. and may adopt a loving and nurturing attitude towards all sentient life forms.

Please remember that Angel Number 999999 is an energy of love and bliss and only when the Supreme Soul decides that the soul is ready, will this Angel Number appear.

Now, an important point is that Angel Number 999999 could be found anywhere so how do we know when to take it seriously?

Well! Once a person consciously or unconsciously starts seeing this sign, it is advisable that he /she prays and tell his/her Devas or Guides to help in connecting with the Supreme Soul if the sign is indeed for him/her.

The Devas usually may take a week’s time to answer, if you do not enjoy an ‘expressed’ relationship with them.

Please remember that they need a person’s authorization or free will to help him/her.

Hence, an expressed prayer will also take time at least in the beginning. Once the person’s energy synchronizes with the Devas surrounding him then, it won’t take this long. So it is important to be patient in the beginning and after seeing a snake or an eagle or a hawk, do thank the Devas or Angels or Guides for paving your path and removing confusion.

What do Eagle/Hawk or Snake mean?

Snake in a dream represents dormant intuition that is part of Kundalini energy.

A striking snake in a lucid dream is the ultimate sign of a healthy intuition but a pale snake, barely a baby and moving slowly is the sign that the health, vitality and emotional balance are not good and the person needs to take care of it almost immediately and that the Universe is ready to help you and is ready to connect with you at the soul level.

If you see a hawk or an eagle, then that is the symbol of the Agya/Third Eye Chakra and it is here that one’s perception of others is revealed. A healthy hawk or eagle seen in a dream means that this chakra is healthy and able while a pale and bony eagle or hawk is the sign that the person needs meditation to see what the Universe wants him/her to see.

Birds like eagle or hawk and reptiles like a snake represent the sharp sight and intuition respectively and to see and feel more supreme signs onwards one needs both the chakras to be healthy.

An important point I would like to state here is that this explanation of eagle and snake holds true only for Angel Number 999999 otherwise snake and eagle dreams can have other multiple meanings.

By Namta Gupta

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