Why Angel Numbers with same numbers have different messages?

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Why is 988 different from 889?

A lot of times questions emerge in our minds why we see a particular number in a particular order. Someone, for example, maybe seeing just 79 while the other person may be seeing 97.

But shouldn’t their messages be the same? Why Angel Numbers often give different messages when the digits are the same?

Because Angel Numbers reflect our mind and soul and hence the placement of the numbers matters much in deciphering what it is trying to convey.

For example Angel Number 456 is different from 546 or 645 or 654.

Ascendance and descendence as well as the present state of a person also matter a lot before the Universe decides to send a message.

So treat each Angel Number different for we do not pay INR 31 when clearing dues of INR 13.

Angel Numbers with the same digits often have different messages as some of them are also part of our birth charts. Placement in the birth charts is also an important factor in sending a certain Angel Number for the individual.

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