Swastika dream meaning: Prosperity, money, fame, good health is coming

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Did you see a Swastika dream?

Then be prepared for upcoming abundance and prosperity of proportions unknown to most of us.  It often also represents ancient wisdom which would bring lots of prosperity, money, fame, health, and happiness for the dreamer as the Supreme Soul sees him/her as an enlightened one and hungry for more knowledge and wisdom.

Swastika dream is also sent to individuals who wish to use money wisely with the aim to serve justice or Dharma. These individuals are wise beyond their years and these are the people who can see beyond the dogma.

These dreamers may even dislike non-diverse religious groups and maybe gentle and loving overall. Their Anahata Chakra or the Heart Chakra will be open and healthy and they may even be undergoing a lot of physical and psychological changes as their Angels or Devas may be doing a lot of work for them and also with them.

They may have a mixed aura; sometimes purple or silver and sometimes pure gold. You can check your aura yourself through the link given.

Swastika dream means, please note, one thing for which the Hindu civilization has painted it everywhere i.e. prosperity.

The Swastika dream is excellent and it is sent to individuals who are now at Master-level. These are individuals who can understand and talk to God without any medium. God sees and trusts these individuals as marked beings who not only respect Him+Her but rather love to be around Him+Her.

A rare gift for superior souls, the Swastika dream opens doors to greatness, goodness, magnificence, opulence, and pure love. Receive it! Angel Number 000 and Blue Snake dream should be further read for enhanced understanding.

Credit dream meaning: Your worth is proven in the eyes of God

By Namta Gupta