Credit dream meaning: Your worth is proven in the eyes of God

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Did you see a credit dream?

In the credit dream, you see that you received some money and that it is on your bank statement from someplace which you do not know?

Chances are that this credit dream is the sign of an upcoming opportunity that is unforeseen right now. The amount will be small like USD 48 or something on those lines but what matters is that the amount arrived from an unfathomable source. Such a dream is usually sent by the Supreme Soul to very high-vibrational and awakened individuals who rarely let go of their virtues or Dharma and thus become one with the Supreme Consciousness in a stronger way.

The Supreme Soul then sends some signs, and after the person masters them, the next step is the spiritual usage of money. Even the spending of such an amount is decided by the Supreme Soul. In short, we can say that the person who saw this dream has awakened and has an open, loving, and nurturing bond with Mother Earth as well as the Cosmos.

The needs of this person, financial ones included, are borne by the Supreme Soul and the money comes from unexpected sources. Angel Number 444 and Angel Number 000 must be read to understand it further as should the dream interpretation of Red Snake and Golden snake.

After seeing the credit dream, the dreamer, one must thank Supreme Soul and offer a lotus flower either in 3D or 5D (if no lotus flowers around) or even a rose offering will suffice. After this, a whole glass of water with sugar must be given to Lord Surya or the Sun as a gift/offering.

This would allow the God of Light to enter the dreamer’s life with full force giving her/him the power to create abundance from every quarter she/he has.

Such a dream is immensely powerful and the dream may feel a little restless or worried as the energy of this dream is harder to absorb for the body. It is advised that the dreamer must walk for an hour at least that day and exercise as much as he can to better absorb the energy.  Such a dream, seen without external stimuli, must materialize in less than a week. If not, then it may take a month at best. But please note that the good news would come only through an electronic transfer hence, if one receives money from other sources, then it should be disregarded.

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By Namta Gupta