Coin dream meaning: Money, Karma currency and lots more!

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Coin dream is really common. Often one sees dreaming of picking some random coins or finding some long lost coins in dreams.

A Coin dream represents, as you must have guessed, and wealth of many kinds. If the coin seen or found is frequently used in modern days like say, a Rs. 5 coin then it definitely means monetary gain.

But if the coin found is now obsolete or no longer in use, then it represents money coming from passed on loved ones or inheritance, or for some it could also mean gain in wisdom or knowledge.

If in the coin dream, the found or given piece is modern but also has some marks of rust, then it means long-lost money returning/recovering or loaned money returning despite having no hopes of it ever happening in the waking life.

If the coin in the dream is a gold one, then beware of forgery that may come to the dreamer in his waking life. A deal or an opportunity that may seem too good may not yield positive output. However, if after receiving the gold coin, one finds himself/herself sort of content but not too over joyous, then it could give some benefits.

If he/she receives the gold coin through a Godly being or, by, say a Guru, then it definitely hints at the huge stock of good karma currency for the dreamer. These gold coins are fruits of good karma which could be encashed by the dreamer or his Angels as and when required.

If in the coin dream, it is the silver ones the dreamer receives then it means that the person would have a content life filled with love. The person may also even get healing energy as a gift from the Supreme Soul soon or may receive some laurels and fame in upcoming days.

If a copper or brass coin is given or found, then the dreamer you can rejoice, because cold-hard cash is heading your way or opportunities are coming through which he/she may earn some money.

If in the coin dream, one finds coins on a road or a park or some other public place, then it means good luck with money. Opportunities, big or small, shall head the person’s way including windfalls.

If coins are seen tossed up and down, then it means that the opportunities are around for the dreamer but it is up to him/her to net them.

If in the coin dream, several coins of different denominations, or of different eras, are seen on the floor and found then a treasure is heading the person’s way but some of it may be of no use to the person or a blessing in money may turn out to be of no profit, no loss.

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Please note that if the coins are granted by someone who the dreamer recognizes as God then the person would likely receive all kinds of abundance; marriage, love, money, wealth, fame and healing, etc. will come one by one. If God, like Shri Hari Vishnu, grants coins with his own name embossed then wake up and thank your great luck for soon you would have the power to not just fulfill your own dreams but that of others as well. This is a rare gift seldom given to rare souls who serve without accepting anything in return.

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