Yellow feather meaning: Time to be happy is now!

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A yellow feather holds great importance for those on the spiritual path.

So what does a yellow feather mean?

A yellow feather reveals to a person that their days of worries with regards to love-life are over. Love is a sacred journey and this feather almost always speaks about fated connections.

A yellow feather also hints at the Manipura (Solar Plexus) Chakra finally blossoming and making a person feel enlightened, light, and also nimble on feet.

If one has been feeling sluggish, sleepy, or drowsy then the person would soon experience a strong current of power like an electric charge sort of burst of energy. Lord Sun shines on the destiny of this person brighter.

If you are the person who saw this feather and also saw a black-brown tipped yellow feather, then know that you are a crowning jewel, a major piece in the Universe’s scheme of things and the person’s wishes will get fulfilled especially those related to love, health, wisdom, and also for a few, marriage.

Anyone who sees a yellow feather in a dream must gear up for a fun-loving time filled with love ahead. For some, it may also mean that the doors of money, superior health, and love will materialize in a week or two with a breakthrough coming in communication. This breakthrough in communication will be with those who would add value to the life of this seeker.  Sometimes, these breakthroughs would seem too rushed and may make one feel agitated or perplexed.

New and happier energy may feel like running like a current in the veins of this person.

More youthful skin, removal of stubborn pains, and a more agile body can be expected for those who see yellow feathers either lying somewhere in a bunch or in lucid dreams or visions.

Orange feather meaning: Your anxiety reaches the highest and the most sacred!

Please remember that very few, perhaps one or two ever receive feather messages in dreams or visions since they arrive only for the highest of spiritual beings. Thus take good care of the feather messages as they would reveal your spiritual journey’s highs and challenges.

By Namta Gupta