Orange feather meaning: Your anxiety reaches the highest and the most sacred!

Spiritual awakening, flash light, lucid dreams, visions, astral travel, astrology, future prediction,

An orange feather hints at rising creative and sexual energy within a person. The color may appear of saffron hue. This sexual or creative energy may have been dumbed down due to any number of reasons.

Swadhishthana Chakra is getting empowered and if you saw the orange feather while visualizing your love/partner, then know that this is the only person for you and it is time to speak up/confess your feelings.

While the orange feather also brings lots of creative energies, some may see this as a sign of pregnancy if that is being manifested.

A love offer may pop up through a creative turn for the person if the orange feather appears.

Orange feather leads to changes in the Swadhishthana region, hence, those with lower back issues may get a reprieve from them in the next 2-3 weeks.

This person may also join forces with the highest creative force i.e. the Supreme Soul with regards to a project or relation soon.

Orange feather with a strong black outline reflects the dominating streak of the person’s fate in the scheme of things. This person’s creative and passionate burst of energy is/has been blessed by divine forces and they are guiding this person in a safe and secure way.

If in a predominantly saffron feather other shades appear like black, blue, and green then that means that the person’s Swadhisthana, Vishuddha, and Anahata (Sacral, Throat, and Heart respectively) Chakras are in the balance due to the assistance of spiritual beings.

This person may become a huge name due to his books, his voice, his compassion, and maybe in a Twin Flame or High-level Soulmate connection on a mission in the mortal realm.

This person will be a blessed child of the Supreme Soul and his/her anxieties belong and reach the Highest and the Most Sacred Power as soon as they appear.

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By Namta Gupta