Brown Black feathers: Meaning and important messages for seekers

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Brown black feathers are an important source of information for a spiritual seeker. This feather in the broader sense may mean that a person’s ambition, projects, or manifestations are being aided by powerful and nurturing forces and that soon joy would also follow.

The appearance of brown black feathers is a sign for select few individuals who have earned high favour from their Guides and are seen as noble souls. Their wishes are basic and harm none. Due to their nature, their Guides turn extra sweet and nurturing and act like indulging parents to these wards.

Their ward is their most cherished person in this world and whatever is just and adheres to Dharma will be granted. If desirous of love, and this feather appears in dreams mean complete back up of the person’s Guides and the Cosmos. This connection would either be a divine connection like Twin Flame or Soulmate and would help bring two societies or cultures together on the path of Dharma.

Such a feather also means that the dreamer has to soon take up a leadership role in the spiritual sphere and take on the burden of a dying and rotting civilization.

If this feather appears everywhere around you then it is also a sign that very indulgent and powerful Devi-Dev energy is around you. Ajna Chakra or Third Eye expansion gets a huge boost after this seeing this feather in the dreams. Intuition exercises should be done repeatedly for the next 30 days to further aid in the expansion of the Ajna.

For intuition exercises:

You can roll a die and guess the number or simply pick up a playing card and try to ‘see’ and ‘sense’ what card or number there is on it. You may try it with crayons as well by guessing the colors.

Chanting of Hindu Beej Mantra ॐ (sounds like ‘Om’) repeatedly during this phase is recommended.

As I said, the brown black feathers denote leadership, yet they also means that one must learn to exercise self-control and not waste precious energy over mundane or frivolous situations. You may hear Bhajans, devotional songs, listed below as they will help a person focus better:











Coming back to the brown black feathers, they usually do not appear inside one’s home because it takes a while to enter this stage of spiritual connection. It is almost like one has finished the Guru level stage of spiritual expansion and is fast moving towards becoming one with higher spiritual forces. Co-creating a better future for entire mankind will soon be a goal for this person.

This person may not talk much but when he/she does it would be swift and action-oriented.

Another trait of this person would be that he/she is likely to be very passionate about the advocacy of the meek, vulnerable, and would like to spend for equal rights of sentient beings.

With a proven connection with Mother Nature, this person’s masculine and feminine sides are finely attuned to the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine energies of the Supreme Soul to an extent that her/his thoughts and prayers reach them even when it is not the aim.

Having said all that, remember it is a huge responsibility and definitely a huge honor to step into the role of the ‘Kin of the Universe’.

I recommend worshipping Shivling as it houses the energy of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine to aid in further balance and ascension.

By Namta Gupta

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