Blue feathers: Meaning and important messages for seekers

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Blue feathers convey deep thoughts and meaning for those on the spiritual journey.

Blue feathers are the signs of the Vishuddha Chakra or the Throat Chakra’s energy coming out which would make a person’s voice sweeter and commanding.

Blue feathers are also a sign of the ‘heaven’ that all is well in the communication deportment of the person.

The bluish hue on a feather is also the sign of the sky, one of the five elements as per the Hindus. It also means, for some, one’s destiny coming to play a major role in some crucial activity, communication or meeting with fated love, or even projects that have been stuck due to lack of proper communication.

Blue feathers are an important tool of communication and often mean that a divine push for the channel of communication is set to open thus relieving one of all heavy thoughts pertaining to it.

Expect a change in the dry spell of communication in 2 days if you saw a single feather.

If blue feathers appear in a bunch, then expect changes as soon as that day itself.

Please note that this is only for worldly or 3d communication and not for psychic one.

Hence, messages would come in our reality and not in abstract ways.

If you desire a person and were visualizing your union, and then saw a blue feather, then expect your first message provided external stimuli did not interfere with regards to the feather part of the visualization.

Take it also as a sign that what you desire is backed by the forces of up and above.

Aubergine feathers meaning and important messages for seekers

Some people, especially those on very high-level spiritual love connections tend to see blue-black feather in dream stages. Many times, this blue-black feather pops in lucid visions or dreams while visualizing or manifesting a love interest. If this feather also appears in sacred places frequented only by the person then take it as a sure shot sign that your Twin Flame or High-Level Soulmate is able to hear your thoughts.

Lord Ganesha says that this feather represents complete and full control of the visualizer over the connection in the coming days. This dream or vision hints at an open and rather vast telepathic connection between Twin Flames or High-Level Soulmates who have the power to hear each other’s emotions and worries when desired. This feather is unique and its message is to keep thoughts positive as the union is closer than one thinks.

By Namta Gupta