Aubergine feathers meaning and important messages for seekers

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Aubergine feathers are rare in the spiritual realm but they do appear in our reality from time to time.

For those on the spiritual path, the arrival of aubergine feathers in dreams is a sign of supreme luck, high karma currency, supreme soul’s own connection with that specific mortal, and a great boost to that person’s spiritual powers.

Number 713 may have appeared for this person many times both in dreams and in physical reality as well as Number 0000 for the one who saw Aubergine feathers.

Aubergine feathers seen in a dream means all that was expected, every little wish which the soul desired (wishes that align with a higher purpose and even day-to-day life minus the ones done due to anger, the intent to hurt someone, or out of greed) is heading a person’s way in a matter of a few days at best.

Aubergine feathers have a high spiritual value both in the 5d as well as the 3d as it is one of the rare varieties of feathers and often is the mark of the Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra fully attuned to the highest source of spiritual energy.

If you also saw ‘ॐ’ (om) in a dream just recently then you know what I am trying to say here. With the arrival of this feather expect major happenings including a major shift in the goals for this person as he/she is able to read a soul from even far away psychically.

This person may be able to look within a person and may have enhanced vision and psychic energy.

If you saw this feather in a dream, then you are one of the rarest beings (not just human) as it means that both your masculine and the feminine side is attuned equally to the Supreme Souls’ feminine and masculine energies.

Aubergine feather with a hint of sky blue patch is the mark of Siddhas whose Vishuddha Chakra or expressions are fine-tuned to bring forth the sacred messages of the Supreme Soul.

It also means that the person can communicate with all souls without hindrance, both psychically as well as through human words/languages.

This feather seen in a dream after first seeing a vision of themselves with a fated partner means that these two are now able to reciprocate and convey messages to each other even when they are not in a physical union or together in the 3d.

This is a stage where their souls are communicating and are trying to know and understand each other before their physical union. Please know that this is a specific explanation for spiritual beings who were meant to be spiritually aligned in this time and space. But due to physical distance or other nagging circumstances, they may be still in separation. However, since one of the souls has awakened to the truth, it is now pulling the other one towards itself rapidly with the full backing of the Supreme Soul and the fate.

This union is very crucial for both the souls as well as the Dharmic consciousness of the human society as these two will have to bear the weight of both, love for each other, and also the love for Dharma, in the most passionate way.

Like I said this feather dream is definitely not for everyone, but only for the Twin Flames or those Soulmates who would work like the Twin Flames. Expect miracles in love, business, health, and every sphere after this vision or dream.

Praying to Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Mahalaxmi is advised or simply chant this mantra ‘Om Aim Hrim Klim Chamundaye Viche’ for the next 11 days. You can hear the below video for pronunciation:

Exercises like aerobics or even dances are recommended to feel easy after seeing this vision as the body may feel either heavy or feeble.

Surya Namaskar with mantra chanting is great for those who saw this dream.

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By Namta Gupta