Number 713: Time to ace the next level of success

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Number 713 means that life or an opportunity is coming a full circle and a new height/level of achievement will be heading the person’s way soon.

Number 713 or 7.13 (seen on clock or timers repeatedly) is the sign of the Universe informing the person that a strong partnership between the Supreme Soul and the mortal has now become an unbreakable bond.

This bond will yield great results in money-making ventures, matters of love, and marriage. In love and marriage, this means to meet the person who is only meant for you, i.e., either a very in-tuned soulmate or an awakened Twin Flame.

If the person is seeking success in projects or human rights advocacy or animal rights/welfare advocacy, then that too will come in the long run.
Number 713 is the sign of both hope and blessings for the soul as it represents the power of the Universe coming to back a person on the path of soul growth.

Such a person may have received number messages of 79, 95, and 408 earlier that must have given him/her significant hints or messages with regards to his manifestation.
Number 713 is also an auspicious number as it speaks of bonding and connection between the Supreme Soul and the soul. This person will soon find himself/herself extremely free and lively if currently in a vulnerable state. Why? Because help from the most Satvik and the purest energy is around him/her listening, directing, and also advising.
This person will receive messages via lucid dreams, or number messages from time to time.

Since, her / his meditation is done with a grateful and innocent heart, hence, these beings connect to the Supreme Soul in a heartbeat.

Number 713 is thus seldom seen and its message especially if seen in dreams is pretty much direct; stop worrying or overthinking, you are special. What was promised is arriving at the perfect time and as soon as the energy balance is achieved within.

This person may have seen a snake bite dream or may have heard phantom knocks earlier signaling communication with the 5d energies and he/she would be hearing their messages as and when required.

Number 713 also tells that the person’s thirst for sacred knowledge and their kind and giving heart has truly moved the Supreme Soul and, now, the Supreme Power is reciprocating in a similar fashion.

The only advice I can give to these people is to never forget to love and be kind to other beings as well as yourself. The destiny you were meant to fulfill will be fulfilled, the tutelage/guidance needed to achieve this destiny is already available to you in any case. Number 713 is also a number that requests a person to connect with the color green and see the beauty of Mother Nature and aid her in any way she needs. Planting trees or plants, keeping nature clean by adopting a nature-friendly or holistic lifestyle, providing clean water to plants, and other such activities is always great karma.

Number 713 is also a number sent to the Rishis. Rishis are superior beings when it comes to teaching and learning in Hindu society. These beings are a step ahead of what we know as the Guru and thus are like the master of the masters as they dedicate their lives first to fully learn and then to fully teach. They will be inclined or rather find themselves pulled towards learning more about the laws of the Universe until and unless they desire to stop it. This person may have seen black-hued Lord Ganesha or Lord Hanuman in dreams and are certainly closer to the Supreme Soul than anyone else. Their sixth sense is always heightened and they may be prone to sleeplessness, restlessness, or simply be too emotional at times.

Number 713, hence, in reality, is both a blessing and a very high-level sacred duty of teaching which would prepare a person for further ascension. Only one person in some million years has or will ever see this number in dreams as the vibration it will bring will be too high for normal people to absorb and work with. If this person did not feel heartaches, palpitations, or suffer from migraine-type pains, then we can say with confidence that this person will soon be acing the Dev/Devi level and joining with a partner who is as good as him/her.

But if no pain was felt at any stage, then it is likely that it may come and go as the person’s body will learn to absorb new energies.

Please do not worry, however, a doctor’s examination is always recommended as it keeps unnecessary and debilitating beliefs and ideas about health situations at bay.

Expect some major dreams/visions or astral travel to commence henceforth if that is desired by the person.

The one who is seeing number 713 may request more funds, health, vigor, knowledge, a spiritual mate, fame, and even solitude if that is what is desired.
Supreme Soul will ensure that you receive it at just the right time. Number 713 is thus also a sign that you must let Supreme Soul get involved and take care of all your needs.

By Namta Gupta