Number 79 meaning: You are ready to unite with your Twin Flame!

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Number 79 is a number of deep hope that has led to a manifestation come to life out of thin air.

Number 51 may have preceded Number 79 in many ways, including for some, in a dream state.

Number 79 leads to a stable heart and connects it with a stable mind that yearns for unity with the fated life partner or spouse or wealthy existence.

Number 79 is thus a blessing, a pure blessing with no strings attached and must be seen by the person as such. Those who see Number 79 must expect swift changes in their fortune/destiny in the next 7 to 9 days. These people must focus on the chanting of the Hindu Beej Mantra ‘Om’ for the next 7 to 9 days for the Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra to receive more important messages from the Supreme Soul.

Number 79 is a leading number for destiny, union, companionship, and for some, the fated love.

If you are on a Twin Flame journey, then in your case ‘fated love’ means that this is the only person you were ever meant for. Hence, take number 79 seriously.

At any stage of bewilderment or doubt, pray to the Supreme Soul’s Ganesha form and seek his counselling and guidance without hesitation and fear.

Walks in natural settings (not the rigorous type exercises) or undertake simple on-the-spot jogging is recommended as that is all which is needed to release the stale energy from the person.

Number 79 advises hope and kindness towards self and other sentient beings which have, what the Hindus call, the ‘pran’ or ‘consciousness’ even when they don’t walk like us, breath like us, eat like us, or even die like us.

Having an attitude of what we Hindus call ‘Kritagyata’ (humility, devotion, gratefulness, and kindness all together) towards them and their welfare is a necessary step for those who are seeing Number 79 and are relentlessly following the Dharmic path set by it.

My only advice is to not forget what connects us to other sentient beings i.e. that they too think and they feel in the capacity that Mother Nature herself blessed them with.

This is the sole thread that binds all living beings and this awareness takes one on a full spiritual awakening which eventually brings two halves of one soul together forever in a bond of pure respect, admiration, and love like Lord Ram and Goddess Sita, or Lord Krishna and Mother Rukmini. Hence, Number 79 is one of the most vital numbers in the Twin Flame journey.

It is both an announcement that two halves of a sacred soul are ready to unite as well as an assuarnce that it is happening with the full backing of the Supreme Soul.

Number 79 is also a sign that one must also remain cool and be appreciative of all that is around him (both the seen and the unseen) as various forces and factors came together to bring this near-impossible feat to life.

Those who are in a relationship or are married and see this number may take it as a ‘yes’ from the Supreme Soul that the partner you are with was indeed the one meant to be with you.

Number 79 however will not come in cases of doubts with regards to love. It only comes/ appears as confirmation that the love was/is fated.

One in many millions in a thousand or more years would ever see this number in a lucid dream stage as the Twin Flame journeys are, as I had said earlier, incredibly rare. Both the parts of the soul had already amassed enough spiritual energy separately so that now when they come together they will be able to bear the weight of Dharma in the society and present a way of life or re-establish justice that has gone missing.

The beings on a Twin Flame journey are born once in many years. It is therefore advisable to not treat toxic people as Twin Flame. If you indeed desire a Twin Flame relationship, then invest in spirituality and don’t procrastinate in front of Adharma. Take the difficult and painful, but Dharmic path. The one who walks tall despite all efforts to pin her/him down will ultimately have the Supreme Power backing him/her in love, wealth, and health.

So be kind to yourself and others but do not bear any abuse.

By Namta Gupta