Number 51 meaning: The changes coming are auspicious!

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If you are seeing Number 51 at different times and places then expect major changes when it comes to intellect and heart in the days to come as major desires start manifesting in your life.

Do you desire money, wealth, or a life partner? The changes brought by Number 51 are auspicious and touch every bit of your dreams. If you are in a new business or venture or starting out in a new partnership in an unknown field, relationships, or doing blind dating, and have started seeing this number, then expect good fortune to head your way. After seeing Number 51 at any time of the day, one must thank the Supreme Soul in the form of Lord Ganesha by offering incense, water, and fruits to begin this new journey.

When this number appears one must also pay respects to the great Kings, Queens, and ancestors by offering flowers for all they did to keep Dharma alive and those who lived and died in the cause of Dharma. One may remember anyone of the kings and the queens, Maharaja Agrasen, Maharaj Vikramaditya, King Nal and Queen Damyanti, or even Lord Ram and Goddess Sita. Offer these energies a sincere thanks with a bowed head and a heartfelt ‘namaste’ and ask these energies to be at ease and connect with you whenever needed.

Number 51 advises such gestures as it is a material number and leads to changes within a person enabling him/her to attract material growth. Hence, respecting visible symbols of strength, wealth, and grandeur grounded in the deepest laws of Dharma must be respected.

Who better than the kings and queens who represented these ideals in the mortal realm?

Number 51 advises us to keep a cool and a steady head as breakthroughs after breakthroughs will keep coming. If Number 51 is appearing repeatedly in some project, then it means it has been blessed by the Divine energies that once occupied high places on Earth and played a large part in our lineage. Please keep in mind to choose the right Kings and Queens who represented the highest ideals and were not wanton mercenaries who abused others or trampled on their human rights and freedoms. Paying respect to the wrong types of souls brings with it more negative energies which takes a person away from Spiritual Awakening and Manifestations coming due to it.

Number 51 is a positive number and desires that one must remain humble as it is his/her reward from the highest power due to the mortal’s achievement of attaining huge spiritual growth. This is the ultimate reward for the good karma attained.

Among Hindus, we often give Rs. 51 as a gift and even donate this sum for the benefit of Temple constructions, yoga, weddings, Veda education, and other noble and spiritual deeds as this number has a unique place in the spiritual realm.

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Number 51 is also a number that advises a person to dream in the material realm as his/her goals will reap rewards in finances, health, posterity, and a stable kind of lasting fame. Hence, it is indeed a great number to see.

By Namta Gupta