Lord Krishna dream meaning: Great happiness, and awakening enters your space

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Lord Krishna dream is seen by many across the globe as he has devotees in nearly all realms.

Lord Krishna is considered a Master or a Teacher to the mighty Pandavas and also others. Lord Krishna’s avatar’s whole life was a service to justice and Dharma. The message of Lord Krishna was of love, and compassion towards everyone but to never get entangled in Adharma for any reason.

His avatar took place to put an end to his maternal uncle Kansa’s abuse of power and the genocide of the meek. During this avatar, he also fought against a vain and proud King of Gods, Lord Indra. His message was clear; be on the path of justice and no harm would ever come to the soul. The message of Shrimad Bhagwat Gita is the ultimate treasure and the song of soul and contains deep values which every one of us must inculcate.

His pure and pious love for all that lived is a testament to his just outlook. His sacred vows of bonds protected the Pandavas, especially Yajnaseni Lady Draupadi in her most vulnerable moment. A mighty but just warrior, a super-powerful king, a brother, a Guru, a friend, and also an uncle, Lord Shri Krishna lived every role and fought against injustice. This is why even after several millenniums Hindus worship him.

Now, imagine seeing such a powerful energy in the dream state!

Seeing a shaishav/Bal Gopal/ toddler Krishna in a dream means that a major opportunity of awakening has entered a person’s life.

If in the toddler Krishna dream, one sees the lord in yellow garments, adorned with a peacock feather, and crawling on the ground then it means that life is either slow but pleasant or will be relaxed soon.

In the Lord Krishna dream, if one sees the lord adoring his own reflection in the mirror or in water means that the supreme soul is seeing inside the soul of the dreamer and is liking what he is seeing. This particular baby Krishna dream leads to spiritual expansion and one may take to meditation, chanting of Krishna mantra or name, or even traditional Hindu Yoga.

Lord Krishna standing upright in teen years and staring at the dreamer usually leads to lots of happiness entering a dreamer’s life due to his own karma. Much like butter that comes after regular churning.

Seeing a teen Lord Krishna dream in which the Lord is ready to strike the dreamer with his Sudarshan Chakra means that a major threat that is lurking around the dreamer or his/her health has been eliminated by the grace of the Supreme Power.

Seeing a teenager Lord Krishna sitting silently with the dreamer with his arms relaxed on the dreamer’s shoulder means that the Supreme Soul sees the dreamer as part of his own brood and loves him like his most devoted friend ‘Sudama.’

Teenage Lord Krishna running or playing hide and seek means that the Supreme Soul knows that in the milieu of domestic life the dreamer is strong enough to find what is right, important, and meaningful. The dreamer is therefore advised to neither fret nor fear.

In the Baby Krishna dream, when the Lord is ready to wrestle a snake or strike it with his hands represent lack of proper techniques in the dreamer when faced with a challenge out of his/her comfort zone. The person must seek divine intervention.

Baby Krishna sleeping in a crib in the dream represents lack of enough efforts on the part of the dreamer to awaken the devatv or the divine energy/kundalini within. This dream usually comes when Shri Krishna’s energy would have to intervene soon and help the dreamer’s soul.

In the dream, if the Lord stands with Devi Rukmani then it represents the bond of love or Twin Flame union soon coming for the dreamer. Devi Rukmani standing right behind a seated Lord Krishna (on throne) represents wealth, power, prestige, love and protection soon coming for the dreamer. This is a very rare dream as it means 180 degree change in the reality of the person. The poor may get a windfall of money, the ill may regain health, and love that was unthinkable, may appear for the person.

Lord Krishna standing around the banks of River Yamuna represents lots of emotional upheavals entering a dreamer’s life. If you are the one who saw this dream, then Tulsi vandana or lighting an earthen lamp for 11 days is advised to stabilize the energy.

In the baby Krishna dream, when the Lord is eating butter and sugar with a happy face, then know that it is one of the most auspicious signs in the dreams as it usually means pregnancy and birth of a healthy baby. Those who were not seeking this blessing, may get boon of a happy and content life filled with joy, healthy relations, and love.

Many may see Shri Krishna dream where he stands tall atop a humungous black snake. Snake represents darkness here, while the Lord represents enlightenment. However massive the darkness, a little light is enough to destroy it. Hence, no one should be afraid of ignorance.

In the Lord Krishna dream, when he is seen riding a chariot alone represents the old Hindu wisdom that sometimes karma may make us all alone, yet, it must be undertaken if the Dharma needs it.

Seeing an angry Lord Krishna in any form; statue, or painting means lack of good values plaguing the dreamer and that he/she must mend his/her ways.

Adult Shri Krishna sitting and smiling at the dreamer represents good karma and dharma having removed all obstacles from the life of the dreamer.

Adult Lord Krishna sleeping means all is well and the project or the work of the person will be done, so the dreamer should not worry needlessly.

Lord Krishna staring ahead without blinking with blue butterflies dancing around him means a complete and focused attitude towards life in general and karma in particular.

Lord Krishna sitting cross legged eating food in the dream represents abundance in the devotion of the dreamer towards the Supreme Soul.

In the Shri Krishna dream, when the Lord is walking around in deep thoughts represents that the dreamer’s worries have reached him and he will find a solution soon.

Adult Shri Krishna preparing to fight unknown faces represents mortal forces/energies who are heading the dreamer’s way to harm him but they would first have to fight the forces of light.

When an adult Lord Krishna grants a lotus to the dreamer, it usually means opening of the Sahasrara Chakra (Crown)to the point that a direct channel opens. The opening of this channel means that the dreamer will not need a mortal Guru to reach the Supreme Soul anymore.

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Adult Shri Krishna offering a peacock feather to the dreamer means that a new life, a new avenue, and even a more profound love has entered the dreamer’s life.

Adult Shri Krishna churning butter all by himself means the love of the Supreme Soul and devotion for the dreamer. This dream means devotion in love, and soon, love, true love would appear in the life of the person.

Adult Shri Krishna tending to cows, feeding them fruits or grass, represents Supreme Soul’s dedication towards sentient beings and this dream also is a way to tell the dreamer that through serving these beings, he/she has amassed excellent karma in shorter time. This amassed karma is good enough to last several lifetimes.

Adult Shri Krishna milking the cows means that all the good karma will bring prosperity, abundance, wealth , health, happiness, love and also Moksha for the dreamer, if he/she continues to remain on the path of Dharma

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By Namta Gupta