Lord Narsingh dream meaning: Powerful love from the Supreme Source heads your way!

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Lord Narsingh dream is one of the most auspicious of the dreams because the Lord represents the ultimate masculine love or what a father feels towards his child.

Just like Goddess Kali, this avatar also took place to protect an innocent Prince Prahlad who was being tortured and was about to be murdered by his own mighty father named Hiranyakaship. Hiranyakaship was a mighty Asura king and wanted everyone to worship him like Supreme Soul but his own son did not worship him as such and this enraged him.

Hiranyakaship, in his zest to be worshipped, slaughtered many but his son continued to pray to the Supreme Soul in the form of Lord Vishnu and gently defied his own father.

The father due to his tapas or extreme austere spiritual practices had acquired several siddhis or powers and even attained a boon which made him nearly immortal.

The boon was:

That he could not be killed by a human, Asura, Devta, or by an animal

That he could not be killed either outside or inside home or in the sky or on the ground or below the ground

That he could not be killed either at day or at night

That he could not be killed by any weapons

In short, he could have lived on for many years had he ruled with compassion yet, he chose slaughter and genocide thinking who could be more mighty than him and in the end, he even went on to kill his own blood Prahlad.

Seeing that the karma cycle of the Asura king was over and another innocent life was at stake, the Supreme Soul descended in its one of the fiercest avatar as the Lord Narsingh in the half lion+half human form. The Lord Narsingh’s form killed the Asura king, at twilight, and with his nails at the threshold of his own palace, thus fulfilling all the conditions of his boon.

This avatar was in a rage at the injustice and the massacre that was happening and yet was bound by pure love and Dharma to not break the boon that was granted to the Asura king.

Even after the end of the Asura king, the rage could not go away even at the request of the Devas and yet it took just a little request from Prahlad to calm Lord Narsingh down; because even in all this rage, Narsingh, the true father of Prahlad, just could not overlook the soul-bond He has developed.

This is what a father’s love is generally like and we all have seen and luckily have even experienced how far our fathers would go to protect us. Lord Narsingh protects all of the beings just like a father.

Impossible bows down when a father decides to fight for his child and Lord Narsingh’s energy is just that.

Therefore, Lord Narsingh dream must be seen in this context.

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Lord Narsingh dream means that our masculine energy (which all humans have irrespective of gender) is fully functional.

If in the Lord Narsingh dream, He comes in a blessing pose, then it means to tell the dreamer to never fear anything because till the dreamer is on the path of righteousness and Dharma, His energy, in its fiercest form, is backing us.

If in the Lord Narsingh dream, a sculpture or a statue is seen by the dreamer, then it means, happiness is here to stay in the life of the dreamer.

Lord Narsingh granting gold coins means complete and blissful material wealth that is heading towards us.

Lord Narsingh granting silver coins mean brain, intellect, and power of concentration as well as the power of speech or the Vaak Siddhi.

If in the Lord Narsingh dream, He is seen sitting as if in a card or in a picture then it means surprise developments in the near future which we may see but won’t understand. It also signals the beginning of a spiritual awakening.

Lord Narsingh in a happy pose means that the dreamer is ready for every wish being granted.

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Lord Narsingh licking his lips or pursing them means that He sees the dreamer as a kind soul and wants him/her to adore him like He does the dreamer (in short, reciprocation in love). This is very rare to see as the person has to be a very kind soul, full of love, and the Supreme Soul sees the person as part of Himself. In this Lord Narsingh dream, the energy of the Supreme Soul is the most mellow, and only pure and unadulterated love is flowing from Him towards the dreamer.

Please note that this particular Lord Narsingh dream is not a sign of money but love from the Supreme Soul. It often leads the dreamer to a place of love so strong that the dreamer won’t desire anything for a long time, or this Lord Narsingh dream would come as a sign that the Lord reciprocates the love that the dreamer feels for Him.

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In the Lord Narsingh dream, the Supreme Soul giving his garland or throwing flowers or flower petals on the dreamer means that victory, fame, and fortune would flow soon.

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Lord Narsingh dream, in short, is very powerful hence, cherish this loving, and protective energy!

By Namta Gupta