Naked dream meaning: You are vulnerable but a good soul!

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Seeing oneself naked in the dream state is a common dream. The naked dream represents a vulnerable state of being in waking life.

The naked dream in which the person saw himself/herself without clothes does not mean that the person desires sex but it is the mark of a good person who does not like to stab anyone in the back even at a great cost to his/her own self.

Nudity in dreams, when done in front of parents or siblings represents brazenness or bold and comfortable equation with them while a little wrap-on in white covering the entire body is the sign of a gentle person who likes to stay modest and kind while dealing with certain members of the family. This person values family ties more than anything else.

Seeing oneself bath represents the need to purge and be pure once again. Seeing oneself naked and ready to bath in a shower means, that the soul of the dreamer is ready for a deeper cleansing process.

Someone watching the dreamer while he/she is about to take bath represents an unknown threat or an admirer in his/her life who the person may not know yet but he/she would present themselves to the dreamer soon. If in the naked dream, this person or admirer is able to join the dreamer despite creeping him or her in the beginning, then it means growth in social connections. If by the end of the dream, this admirer-person is with the dreamer and the dreamer feels safe, then this may be the soulmate who wants a union.

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Bathing dreams and even the naked dream is not uncommon yet, the dominant emotions must be carefully accessed by the dreamer as this would be the key to the answer.

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By Namta Gupta