Falling dream meaning: You are missing out on opportunities

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Falling dream is very common that may have even made a dreamer wake up at times.

So what does a falling dream imply?

It means that the dreamer is slipping or missing out on an opportunity in the waking life. It could also mean that the Chakra energy has to work at its full potential but due to the habits or the routine of the person, it is unable to do so. Someone falling down in a dream is often like a person seeing a python dream (recommended reading) since the growth of the soul is being stifled by the person herself/himself.

Falling down from stairs but not hitting a hard surface means that while an opportunity has been lost in the waking life, yet no direct harm would happen to the dreamer. But if the dreamer finds himself badly bruised then it means, that in the waking life, the lost opportunity (could be in love, career or money) would lead to lots of psychological challenges.

If you are the one who saw the falling dream, then this is for you

If despite falling, the person lands on his/her feet, then the chances are that more favourable opportunities would come in the waking life while someone being pushed down from heights reflects deep and embedded anxiety due to negative people around.

If pushed down by a relative or friend, then chances are that the person fears attack from within his fraternity. Please note, that the faces or the identities of these persons in the dreamer do not imply that ‘they will’ be the ones to harm the dreamer, rather the falling dream is merely the sign that someone ‘close’ or ‘as close’ as these will be the trouble maker.

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A falling down dream also often comes when we are a little worried in the waking life due to money, security, or something else.

It often is a sign to control the raging emotions and to be careful.

If seen repeatedly, then do write down what you saw and emotions you felt and ask your Devas or Angels/Guides to help you understand the cause behind it.

These energies may give you precise steps to overcome a situation in the lucid dream state or may direct you to a positive person who would be able to bail you out.

A falling dream has negative connotations only if one sees himself/herself hurt, bruised or angry, otherwise, they merely represent missed opportunities or steps!

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By Namta Gupta