Red Feathers meaning and important messages for seekers!

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Red feathers are signs of the love of a passionate kind and have a very high vibration spiritually. The guides of this person are working very hard to ensure the best possible opportunities to arrive for their spiritual and dedicated ward.

Red feathers when seen in a dream also lead to abundance and power to make manifestations come alive.

Red feathers uprooted and seen dripping in the blood means that the guides of this person are hurt by the sudden Adharmik or unrighteous turn taken by their ward and want him/her to mend the ways.

Those who see red color feathers with black stripes or dots may take it to mean that the Spirit Guides of this person are turning powerful while still remaining devoted to their wards. If during seeing red color feathers, one also sees Lord Krishna in dreams or see his name appear anywhere in your reality frequently, then one can expect a breakthrough in love. Anahata Chakra (Heart) and physical ability to blossom.

If one sees red feathers soiled and in dust, then know that your guides desire a friendlier relation based on mutual respect. Offering flowers like red hibiscus and red roses to the Supreme Soul is advised in such a state.

If a red feather or a bunch appears out of the blue then thank your guides for revealing their presence to you and ask them to protect, nourish, and nurture you for a fulfilling life filled with mirth, purpose, and love.

Green feathers meaning: Expect changes in the near future!