Green feathers meaning: Expect changes in the near future!

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Green feathers usually mean abundance in matters of heart and wealth in general. Seeing or receiving green feathers in dreams often means a major goal is becoming reachable for the person. Now, which goal is it? The best way to discern this is by asking yourself this in a meditative state and you will get your answer.

Green feathers also sometimes mean that the energy of the Anahata Chakra (Heart) is becoming more and more dominant and may lead to gains due to emotional settings or bonds in the near future. Seeing green feathers on pavements mean a lot easier path towards set goals has been paved for the dreamer.

If the green feathers appear out of blue and one finds them at odd places in sacred vicinity, then do treasure them as it means that a soul that sees you fondly and is also satvik/pure in nature is/or will soon start assisting you and it is its way of making you know about its presence.

When the green feathers are seen in a bunch in dreams but seem to be uprooted from a bird and dripping with blood means that what was meant to be holy and a blessed powerful benefactor has turned on your dreams as it has turned too controlling. Do check if Number 81 preceded this dream.

Finding green feathers in a mutilated state in cupboards also means that your benefactor spirit guide is struggling with negative forces but would eventually mean.

In case, green feathers appear before proposing to someone, then it is a hint from the Supreme Soul that the person is a destined love meant for you and thus have no fear.

Green feathers with black markings on the outside mean that Dev-Devi Guide assisting you are more and more powerful and will soon be able to protect you, your health, hearth, and happiness.

Those who see green feathers with a red outline or spots may take it to mean that a passionate development is arriving which may be too exhausting yet would feel rewarding for the person.

If the green feathers are seen being gifted or received from Dev-Devis in a dream, like Lord Vasuki, then it means that the highest possible spiritual powers are currently aiding your dreams without revealing themselves to you or in your sphere due to lack of grounding and underdeveloped Ajna Chakra (Third Eye). Such a person is a marked being and must learn to worship Lord Vasuki, ask for guidance so that the Lord can get involved further.

If you saw a neon green feather with some part of it also has white color in a dream, then it represents that all that was expected has been granted to the dreamer.  This color feather is unique in many ways and isn’t found in nature easily. Hence, the one who saw or received it in a dream or saw in a dream is a blessed individual who has the ears of the Supreme Soul.  His/her words would reach the Supreme Soul without any impediment and would earn lasting fame in the 5 D as kin of the most blessed of the spiritual beings.  Expect healthy changes in the next 3 weeks.

Since seeing green feathers is always a sign of hope, compassion, and love hence, it is always a welcome sign for those on the spiritual path. Seeing one from a pigeon’s neck, in particular, means that the person has awakened to his/her full potential in matters of the heart or in love. This green feather is the sign of delicate understanding as unlocking full potential mean that the ascension of a person to the 3rd stage is nearly complete and now the person will meet or see his/her Soulmate/Twin Flame in a matter of 70 to 100 days.

Pigeon’s neck’s green feather will specifically lead to positive changes with regards to money and fame as well. This particular feather color is one of my favorite colors as it gleams (in my eyes) like emerald dust!

It also tells us that love is always available in most common places, all we need to do is to embrace it. If you saw a pigeon’s green feather from its neck, then chant the name of Goddess Kali and invite her energy by offering food and place a Rakhi in front of her.

Keep placing food this for next ten days. Please keep vegetarian/cruelty-free food minus alcohol, onion, and garlic, or simply place fresh fruits. This would cement the relationship and would allow her to intervene and bring in the love and money blessings at a faster rate.

Black feather meaning: Powerful Guides are protecting you!

Grey feather meaning: Worry not about manifestations, things are in balance

Brown feather meaning: Why it appears and what does it mean?

White feather meaning: Hope, tranquility and much more!

You can make a Rakhi yourself with cotton or satin with beads or other decorations.

If you saw a peacock feather in a dream, then you can read about it here.

By Namta Gupta