Black feather meaning: Powerful Guides are protecting you!

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Black feather often appears in the time of curiosity of a person.

They appear out of nowhere especially when the person is seeking a definite answer (yes or no type).

For example, one may ask that will I get betrothed this year? Please show me a black feather in 3D if I will in the next 3 days in my personal space.

Depending on spiritual growth amassed by the person he/she can set other terms as well. A black feather is often a powerful sign from powerful Devis and Devtas or Guides who would use them to answer the query.

Please always seek black feathers in personal space only or else it would be a wild goose chase.

One may ask a black feather or feathers to appear in the dreams also. Sometimes one may see a black feather in the dream if the dreamer had mumbled his/her wishes at the time of going to sleep after chanting Lord Ganesha Mantra (Om Gan Ganpatye Namah).

If that is the case, then the black feather or feathers in the dream state represents the stated wish coming true.

The black feather is also a mark of protection from evil intentions of persons or spirits and is the sign of the ring of protection around the person.

Black feathers are also a mark of commanders-in-chief or higher-level Devis or Devtas who are empowered enough by the Supreme Soul to take decisive and necessary actions in case of mortal or psychological harm done to their ward.

Remember that these beings are very powerful, if they can defend you from harm from others, then they will also intervene when you are busy admonishing yourself over absolutely needless and worthless issues or situations.

Alcoholism, cruelty towards sentient beings for any reason, or abuse of self is a strict no-no or you would get pulled up by them as well.

These Guides could even be your long-lost awakened ancestors and they would do everything to discipline you which I am sure you wouldn’t like.

So, it is better to learn to appreciate yourself from time to time and offer food to crows, give a milk bath to Lord Vasuki, and flowers to Lord Sheshnag. When black feathers start appearing in personal spaces, we can expect, the following changes:

  • More Decisive attitude
  • More empowered soul and mind knowing that somehow you are protected.
  • Disciplined life. You may find that now alcoholism or drugs or wasting time does not interest you anymore. Idling time on anything would feel silly. Hunting for pleasure or even food, or destruction of flora and fauna would no longer be acceptable to the person.
  • Money will be there for the person and suddenly he/she would seem to be in control of the mind.
  • Negative influences or those who used to be able to pierce your peace would find themselves suddenly losing power they once exercised over you or they would stop bothering you.
  • True love would appear out of nowhere, and while the face or the beauty may not meet your expectations, the soul and the mind of this new love would be exactly what you need.
  • You may get attracted to sacred knowledge and may take to Hindu Yoga (not just bending and stretching but proper yoga done with chants i.e. Surya Namaskar), meditation, or travel around to gain maximum insights into the ancient Dharmic world.

Remember, that this is your personal journey, and everything is in your hands. If you would like to stop soul expansion, then all you have to do is ask.

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By Namta Gupta