Grey feather meaning: Worry not about manifestations, things are in balance

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The grey feather is the sign from the Universe that all is in balance and one need not worry about either the manifestations or troubles in day-to-day life as despite all odds and the current situation it would change for the best.

The grey feather represents changes that have been sedentary for a longer period but now a faster movement can be expected.  These changes will lead to further changes which would then aid in bringing desires/manifestations to life.

A lot of people believe that the grey feather means that they are either in a ‘limbo’ or will be in limbo for an indefinite period of time. This is partially correct but a deeper probing would reveal that this phase is merely the perfect calm before the storm. In this phase, the way the person thinks or achieves a certain goal undergoes change. It is also a hint that the Dev-Devi Guides have now prepared the person to take on a bigger role in the very near future of 2 to 3 days if the grey feather is seen in a lucid dream state.

I recommend that this dreamer spend some time alone and in nature to allow the energies of Mother Nature to further assist him/her.

The grey feather is however not a good sign for those who desire clarity on a situation and are seeking answers in the yes or no as the arrival of this sign means ‘stalemate’ or neither a clear yes or a clear no in the present circumstances.

Grey feather in a dream also means a lot of health issues resolving on their own in the family due to divine grace (if that is what the person prayed for).

A grey feather in a dream may lead to seeking solitude one will enjoy, prayer time he/she desires, and overall health blessings for self and others if sought.

I recommend that those who see grey feathers in a bunch in dreams or in real life, remember that there are living energies around us disguised in trees and plants and to seek their help and also equally help them when they need it. This way the energies of nature will also be able to identify you as their kin and a strong bond lasting several births will be formed. Such a bond leads to blessings in health, wealth, spiritual powers, awakening, and also the peace of heart which is in my view an essential step for successful manifestations and life in general.

Grey feathers thus also ask, in their own way for the person to dive deeper in his soul and churn his own fine and delicate emotions. Hindus call this process ‘vichar manthan’ and the soul is known as ‘atma’ or ‘pran’ which can be nearly called consciousness which is there in all beings. Atma must be allowed to commune with the forces of nature so intrinsically that we feel their needs as we desire the Supreme Soul to feel ours.  Grey feather thus is a great sign for those seeking union and an answer which would serve one’s highest good.

Black feather meaning: Powerful Guides are protecting you!

By Namta Gupta