Aditya-L1 Science Support Cell exposes students to processes happening on the Sun, Aditya-L1 mission & observational data analysis

New Delhi, July 14, 2022: Students from institutions and universities across India were exposed to the basic processes happening on the Sun, Aditya-L1 mission, and observational data analysis, as well as the current open problems that young researchers on the subject can address, at a workshop conducted by the Aditya-L1 Science Support Cell (AL1SSC). “This workshop […]

Science behind jets of plasma occurring all over Sun’s chromosphere unravelled

New Delhi, March 14, 2022: Scientists have unravelled the science behind the jets of plasma – the fourth state of matter consisting of electrically charged particles that occur just about everywhere in the sun’s chromosphere, which is the atmospheric layer just above the Sun’s visible surface. These jets, or spicules, appear as thin grass-like plasma […]

Scientists trace first clue to understand transient high energy pulses from magnetars several thousand times to that of the Sun

New Delhi, December 26, 2021: Scientists have found the first clues to understand violent short duration flares from a compact star of rare category called magnetars located thirteen million light years away. These compact stars with the most intense magnetic field known, of which only thirty have been spotted so far in our galaxy, suffer […]

Clue to mystery of solar flares & CME in regions on Sun with disturbed magnetic field can help improving solar weather predictions

New Delhi, October 19, 2021: Astronomers exploring regions on the Sun with disturbed magnetic fields or active regions that sometimes exhibit solar flares without accompanying Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) have confirmed that changing structure of the magnetic field on the Sun’s surface determined whether a flare or a CME was emitted. This understanding will be useful in improving predictions […]

Scientists peek into the Sun by estimating magnetic fields using radio observations

New Delhi, September 10, 2021: Indian Scientists, along with international collaborators, have measured the magnetic field of an eruption from the Sun’s atmosphere (by observing the weak thermal radio emission associated with the erupted plasma for the first time), offering a rare peek to the interior of the Sun. The study of the phenomenon happening […]