Black snake slithering dream: Your manifestation is being ‘created’

Swachh Bharat Ambassador,Swacchotsav,Sunidhi Jangid , Rajasthan, Kekdi Nagar Parishad

Seeing a black snake slithering and going somewhere swiftly is the sign of supreme wealth in terms of knowledge, wisdom, and also is, sometimes, a sign of money heading a person’s way.

This person’s ascension is usually also painless, swift, and is guided by an extremely powerful team of Devas and Devis or Guides. It also could mean that the fate the dreamer has been focused on is being created at a swift pace and the credit of this must go to this person himself/herself.

If the black snake slithering dream makes the person feel anxious (while still dreaming) then it means that although he/she is the one manifesting it, yet his/her mind is unable to feel good about it.

But if the dreamer is happy in the black snake slithering dream then it means an extreme level of confidence and happiness as his/her soul is fully prepared for what is being manifested.

Please keep in mind that the black snake slithering in the dream is also a sign of Kundalini Jagran and unlocking of many potentials. The person may be feeling some jerks or may find muscles contracting or relaxing due to energy bursts at intervals.

Snake eating another snake dream: A new ‘you’ is being created!

Tinnitus removal (if started due to awakening), slight pain on and inside ears, or pain in the Ajna Chakra/Third Eye may also come after seeing this dream. However, do not be afraid, and if seek assistance then do take the Doctor’s advice.

I suggest sleeping and meditation during this time and let the energy simply flow.

By Namta Gupta