Snake eating another snake dream: A new ‘you’ is being created!

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In the snake eating another snake dream one may see a snake eat another snake from the tail and just a bit of face remaining. The snakes may be simply black in color.

The snake eating another snake dream usually means that a more powerful intuition and also a physical body is being built on the blocks of the old one; face may however remain the same but otherwise, the body will be totally different; organs new, young and healthy, and vigor high but the first identification of the person i.e. the face will remain as it were.

Seeing a black snake eat another black snake of similar hue and character with just the face remaining also leads to some breakthrough in the marital cycle.

It technically also means that the ‘two souls’ are becoming one with just the faces being separate.

This dream may also lead to some financial gains and a revival of health if that is being manifested. A complete wholesome marriage with the couple becoming one in ‘spirit’ can be expected if one sees this dream.

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Black snake eating another snake also means that the soul has become new and powerful, ready to shun everything that is stale.

This ‘newly replenished’ soul will guide and also be more attuned with the energy of the Supreme Soul and will receive several spiritual gifts like knowledge of sacred subjects, ability to see and speak to spirits, ability to conquer and master self, ability to see and hear beyond the 3d, and many others.

Snake eating another snake is a great dream specifically when the person is seeing it from the point of view of an observer and isn’t at all afraid.

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By Namta Gupta