Number 8888 meaning: You have magical abilities!

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Number 8888 is sent to dreamers, people, and individuals who are ready for expansion in the material as well as the spiritual realm. It is also likely that this number will pop at the time of people losing weight.

These people have already passed the first stage of awakening and have entered the second stage.

8888 brings changes with regards to the union in love, partnership at work, brings in helpful aides or associates, admirers, and changes in the present reality of the person.

8888 brings the changes in the physical appearance of the person as well; the person seeing this number is like a Siddha or in some ways a Magician who has been given the power to make changes happen for himself/herself at the very least.

The prayers, the blessing, and even the curses of this person are very powerful.

8888 thus also requires and tells the person to maintain the energy by being happy and positive. To maintain peace of mind walks in parks, and meditation is advised. If an unmarried female starts seeing this number, then she would notice changes in her body and face i.e. she would glow and attract the right and the best man. If an unmarried man sees this sign, then it means the same; the best life partner is heading his way.

If seeking a child, then a very intelligent, Dharmic, and loving child would soon join the family of this 8888 seeing person.

If seeking money, then the person’s fate has changed as soon as the sign appears.

There are people who get number messages in dreams as well, if you saw this number in a dream state, then you may have also seen AN 44, AN 00 already and I recommend gathering info about these two.

8888 material blessings are so densely enveloped in the spiritual awakening that only a very small number of individuals will be able to experience it.

You may wonder why 8888 leads to weight loss; it is because the body is no longer trying to make more channels to store energy.

8888 also leads to the removal of hearing issues like tinnitus which may have begun in the first stage.

What I would recommend is that the person seeing this number start collaborating with the energy of Lord Shiva by worshipping Black Shivling The person may also choose to worship White Ganesha energy by offering red roses time and again. These acts will cement and stabilize the energy going haywire.

AN 8888 energy may last from 3 weeks to even 3 months. Expect changes, and expect growth of mind, heart, and soul.

This person may also have several epiphanies/revelations and I would recommend that a journal be maintained for writing whatever came to the person. Going to Temples, and serving the devotees of Shiva, Ganesha, Kali, Kartikeya, or any other facet of the Supreme Soul’s boundless energy will help the person earn good karma, which is essential for superior manifestation. Tending to dogs, cows, birds, or fishes and feeding them with care while living a cruelty-free life is advised. If even this is too much, then tending to mature Peepal, Banyan, or Tulsi is advised.