Lord Kartikeya dream meaning: Intense and powerful changes are coming!

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Lord Kartikeya dream is seen by his most ardent devotees.

The Lord is a Hindu deity who many see in their dreams at some point in their lives, especially, those who are devoted to this swaroop of the Bhagwan or God. He is worshipped all over the world by Hinduism followers and he is the eldest son of Goddess Parwati and Lord Shiva.

Lord Kartikeya is a mighty God under whom all the major Devi-Devtas or the Angels have fought against the forces of darkness or adharma again and again. He is the Commander-in-Chief of the Devis and Devtas and is wise, brave, protects Dharma, and also carries a golden spear as his chosen weapon.

Most of the time, Lord Kartikeya appears in the dream at the time of indecision, or stress, or disbelief clouding one’s perception, bravery, or wisdom.

Lord Kartikeya dream during this stage grants clairvoyance capability to the person and ignites the bravery within when the lord appears with his golden spear.

When Lord Kartikeya appears giving blessing then know, that all the worries of the person have been erased. But please remember that these dreams must be seen without external stimuli; i.e. your mind must not be replaying images of TV serials or plays.

Lord Kartikeya represents relentless valor completely aloof from the outcome. Lord Kartikeya dream tells us to fight for the sake of everything that is Just or Dharma and to fight even when we know that the defeat may be a possibility, because every step, every act, and even every thought is ‘accrued’ karma.

And what karma do we accrue when we fight adharma or injustice?

The Blessed Karma.

Lord Kartikeya dream represents what we recognize in the Hindi language as the ‘shaurya’ or valor that is grounded and completely assimilated in Dharma.

Seeing such a magnificent dream only means one thing; ‘defeat of the darkness’ that plagues the dreamer. Lord Kartikeya dream also means that thorough and sacred knowledge of the Universe is knocking at the doors of the dreamer and he/she may be able to understand it near future.

Lord Kartikeya is also the symbol of greatness, saintliness, absolute devotion towards his chosen karma, and also peace rooted in valor and Dharma. If anyone sees this dream, then it is likely that the person has sought deus ex machina and that has arrived.  Lord Kartikeya’s energy is fast and fiery, and it lives within all of us, ever ready to guide provided we seek help with devotion and fortitude.

My advice would be to offer cow milk puddings and flowers to the Lord after seeing Lord Kartikeya or Murugan dream.

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This would help the dreamer achieve the level of greatness and bravery as he/she was destined to gain but didn’t due to crushing his/her own natural instincts either due to societal mores or due to mental constraints piled on due to other factors.

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Lord Kartikeya dream is also a sign of the awakening of the intense kind and one can say that even kundalini awakening begins for some dreamers after seeing it.

A point I would like to mention is that those about to get betrothed may suddenly lose interest in their partner as they may see their reality. For example, they may find that their partner is stuck in low-vibrational energy and the marriage would break due to friction between their souls and minds.

Yoga, meditation, and offering water to Lord Vasuki and Lord Sheshnaag are also advised for those losing interest in marriage after seeing Lord Kartikeya dream.

Here it is important to not seek a ‘specific’ person but rather underline the qualities one is seeking in the partner. This may take time but would be beneficial for the dreamer as well as the other person who may get heartbroken.

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Those who saw Lord Kartikeya dream may also find that their mind is becoming intensely concentrated and focused which was not the case earlier. This happens as Lord Kartikeya’s energy works to push the person’s limit onwards and for that, the mind has to stop wondering about the mundane and the trivial.

Welcome these changes, as it is exactly what your soul desired and your karma has achieved. Lord Kartikeya dream is a blessing of the intense kind for a select few individuals. Welcome this energy and let it guide you.

By Namta Gupta