Door ajar dream: A major power has just entered your space to assist you

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Door ajar dream is a common dream. It usually goes something like this; in the dream, the main lock of the house or door gets suddenly unbolted leaving the dreamer perplexed.

Now, the door ajar dream often means that an avenue, unthinkable and yet unknown to the person in the waking life, is soon and suddenly appearing. In short, what was hidden and almost unimaginable for the person has manifested.

Let me give you an example, when we start our spiritual journeys what we miss most and even desire is a community where we can ask questions and seek help. Here, an assisting Devi or Devta or a Spirit Guide or an Angel helps us the most.

During this time, one may find that he/she is becoming calmer and even more focused despite doing nothing.

This is due to the energy of assisting Devi or Devta who brings peace when our soul needs it the most.

Now, please note that an open door dream often means the opening of avenues and opportunities like I said earlier, but, if the dream makes you also wake up, then, knock! knock! At that very moment, your first major assisting Devi or Devta has just entered your life.

This assisting Devi or Devta would give obvious signs of her/his presence. One may find brown or white feathers around the holiest and remote places in waking life, making the person wonder as to how it even reached that place!

One may see a feather sign in 5d space as well, i.e., a white feather may come in ‘spirit’ but the person would not be able to touch or feel it. The eyes see, but the hands won’t be able to feel it. This ‘ghost feather’ or ‘phantom feather’ sign is only for the ward of that assisting Devi or Devta and hence, others won’t be able to see it.

After seeing the door ajar dream, the money energy also starts picking up pace as the assisting Devi/Devta puts her/his weight behind her/his ward. However, at this stage, the person would be riding in the boats of belief and disbelief as this is the starting stage.

This state of belief and disbelief has to be fought by the person on his/her own. Right after the door ajar dream, phone ring dreams may start, and phantom water drops may be felt by the person at odd times. I recommend reading about them as they all are connected to the door ajar dream.

After seeing the door ajar dream, a person has to be patient. Unbolted door dream or door ajar dream is a welcome sign for those seeking either an opportunity in love, spiritual growth, or money. However, this sign has its own set of challenges, and these have to be dealt by the dreamer in waking life. Put your trust in the Supreme Soul unconditionally and affirm with a bold yes!

By  Namta Gupta