Tulsi dream: Sign of healing energy, synergy, and marital happiness

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Tulsi dream is rare and so rarely would it appear to a dreamer. However, any sign of the abundance of Tulsi or the holy basil, dried or otherwise is the sign of healing energy the person has.

If fresh Tulsi leaves are seen in the Tulsi dream, then it is the sign of marital happiness and points towards the synergy between husband and wife.

Withered and destroyed Tulsi leaves represent problems or upcoming problems in the family.

Seeing a whole Tulsi plant in full bloom is a sign of prosperity and also full protection from psychic attacks and possessions.

If in the Tulsi dream, this plant is seen dry then it means a lack of good virtues in the house of the dreamer. Tulsi leaves chopped or stomped upon means a complete drain of the resources of the house.

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A snake sitting or soiling on a Tulsi plant means that good times or prosperity is away due to a lack of spirituality in the household. If one sees this dream, then one must remember to worship Lord Vasuki and Lord Sheshnag and celebrate Nagpanchami by offering respect to them. Respects paid to Lord Vishnu always helps if a Tulsi plant is seen shriveled and dry.

By Namta Gupta