Prime Minister Modi’s remarks on 100th anniversary of the Kingdom of Jordan

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New Delhi, April 14, 2021: Following are the remarks made by the Prime Minister of India on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Kingdom of Jordan:

I extend my heartiest congratulations on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Kingdom of Jordan.

My warm greetings to His Majesty King Abdullah and to the people of Jordan.

Jordan is a respected name in historical and religious heritage of the world.

Under the far-sighted leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah, Jordan has achieved sustainable and inclusive growth.

Its progress in economic, social, and cultural development has been remarkable.

In an important region of the world, Jordan has emerged as a powerful voice and a global symbol of moderation and inclusivity.

It has emerged as a model State living in peace with its neighbours, and is a symbol of stability and a voice of reason.

His Majesty the King continues to play a key role in the promotion of peace in West Asia.

The Aqaba Process has contributed to promoting coordination on regional peace and security.

Similarly, the Amman Message of 2004 was a powerful call for tolerance, unity, and respect for human dignity.

The same message was reiterated in New Delhi in 2018 during the historic visit of His Majesty the King.

He graciously accepted my invitation to share his thoughts on ”The Role of Faith in the Future of the World” at a gathering of religious scholars.

India and Jordan are united in the belief that moderation and peaceful co-existence are essential for peace and prosperity.

We will continue to walk side by side in our joint efforts for a better future for all humanity.

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Once again, I extend my heartiest greetings to His Majesty and to the people of Jordan on this happy occasion.

Alf Mabrook, a thousand congratulations, and Shukran!

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