Grape dream meaning: Time to savor luxuries and manifestation!

Spiritual awakening, flash light, lucid dreams, visions, astral travel, astrology, future prediction,

Grape dream represents luxury and grandeur, especially the green ones.

If one saw a dream of say buying a house and then immediately saw a bunch of green color grapes, then it merely means that the desire may manifest.

Green in anyways is the symbol of abundance, health, and vigor.

Grapes are usually sweet and so are our desires (at least to us they are!) hence, the sweetness of the person’s dreams and desires take the form of the grape and come into our dream state.

In the grape dream, if the fruit is clean and ready for consumption, then it means that the manifestation is soon turning into reality and bringing us happiness as sweet as the grape itself.

Peacock feather dream meaning: Money, fame, love, all come to you!

A bunch of grapes high up a vine means that the abundance is not within reach without some sort of support or tricks.

Eating sour fruit in the grape dream means, that the blessing sought or the manifested desire hasn’t made the person’s life happy or sweeter or even peaceful.

A black grape vine represents health and strength and a black grape bunch hanging too high means that all these blessings are far away from the person without some support.

  Seeing pineapple dream: Blessing in disguise, be focused!

Red grapes represent blossoming abundance and revitalization of the blood (especially if the person has suffered a long spell of illness) while the grape juice being drawn means complete happiness without any worries.

By Namta Gupta