Travel dream meaning: Your chosen vehicle, has a message for you!

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A travel dream, seen without external stimuli, often begins right at the beginning of the spiritual journey.

Those on spiritual journeys may see that they are traveling via airplane, cart, motorboat, metros or tubes, cars, and trains.

Travel dream often shows the dreamer going somewhere but the destination is often either unclear or sometimes, the location may be known, yet, still, the dreamer would see it ‘differently’ or would find it ‘new’.

Traveling by metro or a tube train often means that the goal of the person in waking life is something that is achievable in a short duration. At this stage, the dreamer may be seeking to achieve smaller goals like a new bike or a little raise at work which is easily achievable with the good karma currency he/she has.

Traveling by a bullock cart used to be an ancient way of traveling and although slower than most modern means, it still used to be faster than walking.

Now, seeing a bullock cart in the travel dream means that the person should not depend on technology or program as it may turn out to be deceptive and may cost him/her in the project.

This person must depend on the traditional/older method which may be slow but are reliable. The bulls represent the ‘ichchashakti’ in the dream or the willpower which would take the person ahead safely and surely.

If one sees a fast motorboat rushing at full speed in a travel dream, and the dreamer is seen enjoying the ride then it means that whatever the person desired will come true faster than what was initially assumed.  It would also bring happiness to the dreamer in waking life.

Car travel dream often represents shorter drives until and unless one sees himself on an arduous drive or on a long drive. Car travel usually means that a small goal will be achieved by the person.

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But, if seen doing a long and unenjoyable ride through a car, it usually means that the person should have tried another way for faster achievement of the goal.

A car travel dream is also about gaining a new material blessing or a convenience that would allow a person to achieve a bigger but difficult goal in the long run.

If one sees traveling by airplane, then it means that a bigger goal would be achieved faster. If in the dream, the dreamer is seen putting luggage in the luggage bins then this means that the person is ready to go to the next level and is determined and that there is no looking back.

Airplane in midair represents that the person has already taken a plunge into a project, activity, or even spirituality. At this stage, the dreamer is unsure how much time it would take to reach the destination or what the end result would be like, but his/her faith is that the goal will be achieved.

A motorcycle travel dream means swifter movement but it is also about balance and awareness of the surroundings as riding a bike needs these skills.

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Hence, the person seeing this travel dream and riding in it means that while the destination or a goal may be within reach, yet, the dreamer would need superior manoeuvre, awareness, and balance to navigate through. In short, a person seeing this travel dream would need leadership skills and would need to be top-notch for an activity or project to go through.

By Namta Gupta