Spiritual Awakening: When do we see golden lightning and at what stage?

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Golden lightning is part of spiritual awakening, but when do we see it?

A time would come when while trying Law of Attraction, a person would feel that he/she is doing everything right and is sure that his/her desires would soon manifest. And yet, the results are still shrouded in mystery, and we being mere mortals, start feeling dejected.

The person knows that his/her karma has been clean but everything comes as per ‘time’ and despite knowing all this, he/she may be feeling a little anxious and may doubt all the processes he/she has gone through.

At this stage, the Universe would send an assurance using Golden Lightning for that one specific person.

Likely, the person would be in a pensive mood or would be finding himself/herself a little burdened or overwhelmed not knowing what to do or who to turn to.

The golden lightning arrives at this stage, not with a bang, but quietly just like our Devtas/ Guides or Angels who assist us quietly without making a din about it. The sole message of the Supreme Soul with the use of golden lightning is to not fret and that his/her happiness is dear to Him+Her.

After seeing the golden lightning, one must pause, and think on the way forward.

Also, follow the following steps for miracles to enter the life of the person easily:

Eat wisely, avoid excessive salt, sugar, and greasy food.

Eat clean, healthy, and low-calorie food. Avoid gluten and take to cow milk. If cow milk is unavailable, then take camel milk.

But kindly make sure to consume everything ethically and not snatch someone else’s right to milk or life. Keeping karma clean at every stage is crucial henceforth. It is advisable to feed cattle daily and take care of their health, food, provide safety from slaughter and accidents, and simply tending to them like a family and showing gratitude towards these sentient beings for providing milk and companionship.  Soy milk that has been made and procured ethically is a good alternative but everything should be taken in moderation.

Golden lightning is also a major sign of kundalini energy becoming more pronounced in the person and hence, walks in the garden or in nature are important to keep Chakra balance.

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Golden lightning seen by a person with naked eyes is the sign of awakening from the Supreme power of this Universe. Please note that it is a sort of ‘silent’ sign and only that one specific person would be able to see it who is on the spiritual journey.

If golden lightning is seen during meditation or in deep contemplation over a question, then the solution to your problem will soon arrive and everything will be positive. This sign may lead to the solemnization of marriage, union with a soulmate, and even money may materialize soon. After seeing golden lightning expect positive changes in life within a period of 3 to 4 weeks.

Even if the person is seeking help in gaining beauty, attaining knowledge, or revitalize health, then be assured that all of your needs and wants you had in mind at the time of seeing the golden lightning have already been granted. Affirm boldly and write ‘I claim it, I claim it all’ and accept your own good fortune with unshakable faith.

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By Namta Gupta