Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is part of a Facebook group!

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Nationalist Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is also part of a prominent anti-China group, ‘Asian Alliance against RED CHINA.’

The group keeps a strict watch over the action of China and raises ‘red’ flag whenever it feels that the Dragon has crossed the line. No wonders then that the Japanese Prime Minister decided to join the group sometime back. Japan, India, Vietnam, and even the Philippines have been suffering from Chinese aggression for some time now.

Australia has long complained about the way China is increasing its footprint in the world and the current ousting of Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe government prove that the Chinese hold in any country can have dangerous consequences but perhaps it is the first time that a sitting Prime Minister has been found to be in a public group of any hue! Not that we are complaining!


Shinzo Abe is in the group under his Japanese name.

Naturally, the group members were ecstatic at this. You can check their reaction by clicking here.

Social media indeed has turned out to be a game changer and Shinzo Abe has already taken it to a whole new level.

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