Kubbra Sait backs Nawazuddin Siddiqui on #MeToo allegations by Niharika Singh

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Kubbra Sait who worked with Nawazuddin Siddiqui in ‘Sacred Games’ is a tough cookie! At the time when the #MeToo wind is gushing hard, she has chosen to side with ‘Nowaz’ who has been accused of exploiting actor Niharika Singh.

Niharikha Singh had said that she gave into Nowaz after his persistence but the things did not go well after that.

Kubbra Sait spoke out and said that she stands by Nawazuddin and that just because one relationship turns sour it does not amount to a #MeToo type allegation. Even after being coerced by many, Kubbra Sait stuck to her statement and refused to budge from her stand. Here is what she wrote:

A relationship gone sour isn’t #MeToo someone needs to recognise the toxic difference before we go picking sides.
I stand by #NawazuddinSiddiqui or #Nowaz as a man.

I stand by the fact that although Niharika Singh may have had a tough time in the industry, categorizing her once personal relationship as a #MeToo statement is incorrectly placed. We as humans are flawed. That isn’t gender specific.

When the people kept badgering her with their comments, she simply brushed off the tolls with this scathing goodbye:

Yes! I am impulsive. Maybe twitter isn’t the place to “just speak” Thank You trolls, you’re impertinence teach me everyday. I try to learn a little everyday.

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