Zama Habib trashes Zaira Wasim in a scathing open letter

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Zama Habib, a Script Writer, and an ardent supporter of the entertainment industry has written a scathing open letter addressing Zaira Wasim controversy. Here is verbatim what he wrote:

Dear Zaira Wasim,

Tussi jaa rahe ho? Tussi JAAO. Please jaao. Go wherever you want to, do whatever you wish to. Jahan raho khush raho. Allah tumhein khoob khoob barkat de, aisi nek raah pe chalaay jo seedhe jannat ke darwaaze pe khatam ho. Ameen!

But yeh jo tumne lambi sii chitthi likhi hai voh kiske liye? Quran, Surah aur Hadith ke hawaale diye hain woh kis liye? Kaun hain woh jinhein tum yeh khat padhwaana chaahti ho? Farishte padhenge yaa fans? Aur fans toh waise hi bhatke hue log hain jabhi toh filmein dekhte hain. Phir unke liye itni lambi chitthi? Kyon?

Disenchantment is understandable. And it’s always an individual choice what to do or what not to do. Many actors in this industry in past have quit at their peak and got into other business or job. Or just retired. Many actresses got married and left this filmdom to live a happy married life.

But…They never made any kind of statement. They never said that they are leaving this bad bad world!

You did! And for me there lies the problem. What do you want to say? The people who are working in this industry are not on the right path? Are they sinners? They will go to hell? If this is what you have realised then to hell with your “realisation”. We are working here day in and day out to do something we believe in. We are passionate about art. Any form of art is an expression of human joy, sorrow, strife and triumph! Here we impersonate people not to cheat but to entertain, we recreate scenes to give perspectives, we make songs to celebrate, to pine. Don’t hate music because our soul has rhythm. Our breathing pattern is rhythmic.

You could have gone quietly. Turned down offers saying you are not interested but this letter? As if we are doing some “Gunaah”?

Nevertheless, I wish you all the best in life and may you tread on “Sirat-al-mustaqeem” that leads to heaven.

God bless!

But trust me, in heaven you will find all those boring mullahs but people like us in hell will have Ghalib, Faiz, Naushad, Rafi, Meena Kumari, K Asif, Madhubala for company. Phir na kahna “thodi der ke liye aa sakti hun kya”.

Understand Zaira Wasim, don’t lash out on her says Kangana’s sister